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I’m an avid reader and book blogger. This WordPress blog and my twitter account are my main spaces on the web. As well as sharing my thoughts about the books I’ve been reading, I also post about stuff I find inspiring, amusing or interesting.

When I first started out, I created my online spaces with blogger and tumblr. Although I haven’t deleted either of them, I don’t access those sites anymore. Is anyone still even using tumblr? 😂 😉 😂

So, who is Flora?

I live in the south of England with my Hubby and two daughters. I’m a woman within spitting distance of the big 5-0, with an eclectic range of interests. I wish I was more green-fingered (plants that I buy have to be pretty hardy and survive some serious lack of attention on my part), I love being in my garden but you’ll usually find me with my nose buried in my Kindle or a paperback rather than actually tending to it. I’m a fan of the Marvel Universe films and love going to the cinema.

What do I like reading?

I’ve always liked reading! My favourite genre is adult Paranormal Romance (especially when written about vampires) but I also enjoy reading adult urban fantasy and paranormal cozy mysteries.

This theme allows me to keep my menu at the top of every page and post you visit. Hopefully, this will make your experience less frustrating. I’ve also created some permanent pages; my favourite reads about the books and authors I love, the Author Services that I offer, the fun stuff I take part in and an easy link to my latest blog posts!

See, I try to think of you, my dear reader when creating this little insight into my world. 😉

So, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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  1. Hi Flora, I was wondering if you have ever read any of IT Lucas’ books? Also I did not see JR Ward on your favorite list. Do you not like her books or has she just not made it to the list. Would love to hear more.

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  3. Hey Flora! I am so embarrassed to admit that I was totally going to your blogger site and did not notice at first that the last review was posted in 2017 there. Oops! Will get caught up reading your posts here!

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  5. Flora: Just a quick message to let you know how grateful I am for your wonderful review. As a debut author still a couple of weeks away from publication I’m still beset by anxieties about how the book will be received by reviewers and by the general reading public (as I’m sure you’ll understand) so it is immensely reassuring to have such positive feedback. Thank you

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