brambledcrossroads: this happened on the dash of my other blog Wow!

lauriehalseanderson: Full details about the #Speak4RAINN15 campaign. Please help rape survivors speak up and heal! Giving $15 will change a life.

bbcone: Filming on the ‪#‎TheMusketeers‬ II is underway in Prague, with Marc Warren (Hustle, Mad Dogs) joining the cast to play the Comte De Rochefort, a dashing and persuasive aristocrat with a talent for sword fighting and a taste for adventure. Marc Warren’s character, Rochefort, is a man nursing many secrets and a very dark past. As … More

Magic is not so much something which you do occasionally behind closed doors or in the space behind your closed eyes, but a way of living your life — a way of approaching the world you move through and everything in it. — Phil Hine, Condensed Chaos (via chirotus) love this

Treat her like you’re still trying to win her, and that’s how you’ll never lose her. (via corvidae-and-crossroads) 🙂 good advice for both parties I feel x