artagainstsociety: Martin Hsu —- Omg, someone skinned a Pikachu to make a coat! NOOOO!

plarabee: Die Nacht, 1943 ~ by Willy Kriegel… Epic

kvetchlandia: Franz Xaver Setzer      Lisette Model (Then Lisette Seybert)  at the Time of Her Studies with Arnold Schönberg, Vienna     1924 li “Photography is the easiest art, which perhaps makes it the hardest.”  Lisette Model Beautiful

artagainstsociety: Funny pop culture illustrations by Naolito

darkbeautymag: “One Taste of the Poisoned Apple and the Victim’s Eyes Will Close Forever” — Photographer: Vladimír HrbekModel: Darča Foltýnová

Alexander Skarsgård + Skarsbrow at Sundance 2015 Captivating male 😉