Raven by Suzy Turner

Darlings Of Darkness: A Vampire Anthology

By Trina M Lee, Chrissy Peebles, Kristen L Middleton, W.J.
May, Suzy Turner, K.C. Blake, Claire Farrell, Dale Mayer, Ally Thomas and S.J.

…So what’s this book about?

book is a collection of ten “bestselling” full length urban fantasy and
paranormal romance stories with the common theme of all the tales being about
vampires. I downloaded this Kindle version for free from Amazon UK in the hope
of finding some “new to me” authors.I haven’t finished the whole book yet but I had to let you know about the story that I’ve just finished.

Book 3 – “Raven”
by Suzy Turner.

This is the first book of a Teen/Young Adult series
called “The Raven Saga”. As you all may remember me saying before, teen/YA books
are not
my choice of reading material, I almost ALWAYS find them tedious,
frustrating and it becomes increasingly challenging to care about the

…but boy, was I pleasantly surprised by this book! I loved
everything about it; very easy to read and beautifully written from the viewpoint of our
thirteen year old main character, Lilly Taylor, but without being juvenile in plot. This
story is about family relationships, dealing with tragedy, experiencing first
love and heartache, with a paranormal twist that includes werewolves, shifters,
witches, vampires and, of course, magic.

This book made me laugh as well as
shed a few tears, I really got involved with Lilly and all of the
supporting characters. I liked that some of the story’s mysteries were
solved by
the end of this book with some happy endings while letting others
mysteries remain elusive.

I am duly impressed & will put
book 2 “December Moon” and Book 3 “The Lost Soul” on my Goodreads.com “want to read”

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