Pompeii Photos: Ancient Roman city remains unscathed by ‘selfie’ generation


Dr Zena Kamash from the Department of Classics at Royal Holloway, University of London, has discovered the photos tourists take of Pompeii are almost identical to those taken by our ancestors.

After examining 19th and early 20th century lantern slides of Pompeii and modern day photos from review site TripAdvisor, Dr Kamash discovered the shots taken around the site are remarkably similar. Surprising still, most photos across the eras contain few people, demonstrating an amount of ingenuity and determination to take the ‘perfect’ photo while avoiding the hundreds of tourists who visit the site every day. The desire for people free photos meant there were barely any ‘selfies’, despite 2014 being named the year of the selfie. Read more.

Lol! Do we really change! Apparently not 😉

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