A Challenge To Read More… My Vampire Book Obsession – Potions Class Annual Challenge

Hello My Lovelies,

Since joining Goodreads.com in 2014, I have signed up to their yearly Reading Challenge. In addition to the main reading challenge, I periodically join reading challenges that the groups I belong to set, for example:

The group My Vampire Book Obsession  says

“If, like us, you enjoy anything VAMPIRE in the paranormal, horror, urban fantasy, dystopia, romance, fantasy genre, then this place is for you. Besides vampires we welcome lovers of werewolves, ghosts, zombies, immortals… anything out of this world. You are all welcome here! Please make yourself and home and join in on discussions. Please Note: Due to the mature nature of some books discussed in this group, membership in this group is limited to those 18 years and older.”

So, this post is all about the annual reading challenge that the “My Vampire Book Obsession” group have set for 2018 and although I only joined this challenge in September 2018, I’ve been allowed to add any books that qualify from my Goodreads 2018 read shelf. I doubt whether I will complete this challenge but I am enjoying trying.

I will post updates at the end of October, November and December. You can find all of these books on my Goodreads Potions Class Bookshelf


POTIONS CLASS — Annual Challenge

Duration: 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2018

Troll – 18 books
Acceptable – 36 books
Exceeds Expectations – 54 books
Outstanding – 72 books

 is a love potion that does not create actual love but gives the drinker a powerful obsession and infatuation with the giver of the potion. It is usually either forced upon someone or covertly given. As a rule of thumb the longer a love potion awaits consumption, the stronger the effects will be.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. With a title using a letter found in the word Amortentia – Awaken The Darkness (Immortal Guardians #8) – Dianne Duvall
2. Tagged romance Dating The Undead (Bite Nights #1) – Juliet Lyons
3. With a couple on the cover Thanks Fur Last Night – Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden & Kate Baxter
4. That five of your friends loved the book, they gave it four stars or more. Heat (Dark Kings #12, Dark World #31) Donna Grant
5. Wedding or engagement in the book. A Warrior Wedding (The Protectors #7) – Teresa Gabelman
6. With an Obsessive Lover. Craved by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates #4) – Felicity Heaton

When a person drinks the , they go into a deep sleep so strong that they appear to be dead, hence the name. It is made from powdered root of asphodel which is added to an infusion of wormwood.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. With a title using a letter found in the word death. The Demon of Dhaka (The Demon Series #3) – Ayse Hafiza
2. Tagged vampires. Damon (The Protectors #1) – Teresa Gabelman
3. That has died on your TBR pile, been on it over 2 years.
4. From a series that you started but haven’t finished. Magically Bound (Hunted Witch Agency #1) – Rachael Medhurst
5. A woman in black on the cover. Forgotten (Rune Witch Mysteries #3) – Victoria DeLuis
6. With a graveyard or tombstone on the cover.


or more commonly known as Liquid Luck, grants whoever drinks it unusually good luck. The time span of this luck depends on the amount imbibed. Liquid Luck is one of the hardest potions to make. Because of its properties, it is banned in all sporting events, competitions and examinations.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Felicis. Forbidden Blood – Felicity Heaton
2. Tagged mystery. The Haunted Heist (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #3) – Angle Fox
3. That you got for free. Deadline (Blood Trails #1) – Jennifer Blackstream
4. That someone recommend and you already own it.
5. With some form of magic on the cover. Devious Magic (Relic Guardians #0.5) Meg Cowley & Victoria DeLuis
6. With a purple cover. Tall, Dark & Deadly (Agents of the Bureau #1) – Kharma Kelley


allows the drinker to assume the appearance of someone else for an hour or more depending on the quantity. The potion only causes a physical transformation of the drinker, but clothing and voice is not affected. Its ingredients include fluxweed, knotgrass, lacewing flies, leeches, powdered Bicorn horn, and shredded Boomslang skin. The final component is a bit of the individual to be impersonated; strands of hair are most often used for this purpose.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Polyjuice. Profiling Nathan (Romancing the Guardians #5) – Lyn Horner
2. Tagged werewolves. A Wolf Apart (The Legend of all Wolves #1) – Maria Vale
3. With a dragon on the cover. Summoning A Dragon – Lori Whyte
4. By an author who uses initials in their pen name. I Bring The Fire (Parts I, II, III & In The Balance) – C. Gockel
5. With a bad boy on the cover. Captured by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates #2) – Felicity Heaton
6. With a two word title. Thunder Hunter (Viking Soul #1) – Rachel Medhurst


is a medicinal potion that can regrow missing or removed bones, though it tastes terrible and the process is very slow and extremely painful.

To mix this potion read a book…
1. A title using a letter found in the word Skele. Shadow Strike (Immortal Guardians #6) – Dianne Duvall
2. Tagged paranormal. The Demon of Istanbul (The Demon Series #3) – Ayse Hafiza
3. MC is in the medical field. Slade (The Protectors #6) – Teresa Gabelman
4. Blood on the cover.
5. With a skull or skeleton on the cover.
6. With an author that has “Doc” in their name. Chaos Rises (Chaos Rises #1) by Pippa DaCosta


is a very powerful truth potion. The name “Veritaserum” derives from the Latin word Veritas, meaning truth. Three drops of this potion are all that is needed to force anyone to respond to any question with the truth.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Veritaserum.
2. Tagged Dragons
3. With an author that has two letters of the word “Polygraph”.
4. That is a guilty pleasure, that you would lie to your mom about.
5. With a sword on the cover. Lightning Seeker (Viking Soul #2) – Rachel Medhurst
6. MC is in law enforcement. Duncan (The Protectors #3) – Teresa Gabelman


(or Antidote for Common Poisons) is a potion which counteracts ordinary poisons, such as creature bites and stings. Its ingredients include Bezoars, Standard Ingredient, ground unicorn horn and mistletoe berries.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Poisons. The Demon of Paris (The Demon Series #4) – Ayse Hafiza
2. With the word Poison in the Title or the series name.
3. With a Mystical Creature on the Cover.
4. Tagged Fantasy.
5. That has very low rating. The Howling – Erin McCarthy
6. Where the secondary character dies.



transforms the appearance of the drinker, making them seem to be attractive, even if they are not.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Beautification. The Big Alpha in Town – Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden & Kate Baxter
2. With a kick ass chick on the cover.
3. Tagged Urban Fantasy. One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #3) – Ilona Andrews
4. With a mask on the cover.
5. With a female author. Amanda Cadabra and The Hidey-Hole Truth (Amanda Cadabra #1) – Holly Bell
6. With a flower in the title or series name.


is an extremely powerful potion, sending the drinker into a death-like slumber. Its effects are similar to suspended animation.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. With a title beginning with any letter in SLEEPING DRAUGHT. Sloan (The Protectors #9) by Teresa Gabelman
2. Written by a female author. Taken (Blood Trails #3) by Jennifer Blackstream
3. With a character that can only go out at night. In Still Darkness (Immortal Guardians #3.5) by Dianne Duvall
4. That you could read all night and get no sleep! Jared (The Protectors #2) by Teresa Gabelman
5. With the colour red on the cover. Night Unbound (Immortal Guardians #5) by Dianne Duvall
6. Set in the country you live in. The Demon of London (The Demon Series #1) by Ayse Hafiza


also known as the Drink of Despair, is a mysterious potion which induces fear, delirium, and extreme thirst. This potion is meant for protecting something of extreme importance. As the potion typically does not kill the victim, it nonetheless makes them very weak and vulnerable. As such, for a more complete security, something else should be there to be prepared to attack the victim once they finish drinking the potion.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Emerald. Eight Simple Rules For Dating A Dragon (The Embraced #3) – Kerrelyn Sparks
2. With a green cover. Storm Guardian (Viking Soul #3) – Rachel Medhurst
3. Tagged Magic. Magically Bonded (Hunted Witch Agency #2) – Rachel Medhurst
4. With an author’s name that is a jewel.
5. MC is from the UK. That Killer Smile (Bite Nights #3) – Juliet Lyons
6. Read a book where a character is jealous/green eyed monster.


grants the drinker an indefinitely extended life, for as long as they keep drinking it. Any person who relies on the Elixir will die if they cannot obtain more Elixir before the last quantity imbibed wears off.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Elixir. Esher (Guardians of Hades #3) – Felicity Heaton
2. With a body of water on the cover. Surface Tensions (Island Adventures #1) – G.R. Gordon
3. Tagged adult.
4. With an author whose first or last name starts with E. In The Mood Fur Love – Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden & Kate Baxter
5. With someone who drinks everyday.
6. That is one of the first 20 books added to your TBR pile.


is a potion used to restore those who have been transfigured or cursed to their original state. It requires Mandrake roots that have been matured past the stage of adolescence.

To mix this potion read a book …
1. A title using a letter found in the word Draught. Drop Dead Gorgeous (Bite Nights #3) – Juliet Lyons
2. With an MC that doesn’t age. Blade of Darkness (Immortal Guardians #7) – Dianne Duvall
3. With a male author.
4. Tagged high fantasy.
5. That someone under 30 has read and enjoyed.
6. With a forest on the cover.

I’m enjoying this challenge although it’s not easy finding the books I need to complete each potion. Do you have any suggestions? Have you read one of the books above or any others written by these authors? I’d love to hear from you, just leave a comment below.

Bye for now, a book is calling to be read!

Flora x



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