So, What Kind of Witch Are You?

I actually cheered out loud when reading this post. I hate putting people in pigeon-holes by labelling them and feel frustrated when it happens to me – I know I’m not alone.
Flora x

Luna Walks Alone

I get that question from time to time. People wanting to give a label to my path. It can be both amusing and frustrating. I just don’t understand the need that some have to put labels on others. Some days, I will be snarky and reply with, “Are you Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, wondering if I am a good witch or a bad witch?” I wonder why they need a label. Having a label means nothing to me. My path is simply my path. No label is necessary. Evidently though, some people seem to find labels important.

I have an absolute adversion to being labeled. To me, labels can be too confining. It is like putting limits on a person. When dealing with the craft, a label tends to give people the idea that you have to practice within the perameters or confines of that label. You get…

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