How I Manage Chronic Pain

One of my friends has been plagued with Fibromyalgia amongst her various maladies for years and another friend has just recently been diagnosed. Doctors are unable to help – it’s one of those conditions that there’s no magic pill for.

I found this post very informative; there are some really good points i.e. get to know your triggers, and I will be passing it on to both of my friends.

Hope is such a treasured gift that it mustn’t be kept to oneself!
Flora x

Luna Walks Alone

Chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis have been a struggle for me for nearly 3 decades now. Like many, I used over the counter meds for a time. When it got bad enough that I was losing my ability to walk, a doctor began a regime of prescription meds that I hated taking. I never liked to “drugged up” feeling they gave me. At this point, I had enough of it. I started looking at natural alternatives.

I am not, nor have ever claimed to be, a medical specialist. What I share is simply what I found works for me. Don’t try this without consulting your own doctor or naturapath. I share it only as a testament of what has helped me. It may not work for others.

My first step was to research natural pain relievers. There are many websites and blogs on the subject. As with most topics…

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