Why Gardening and Natural Remedies? – Luna Walks Alone

Hello My Lovelies,

Luna Walks Alone is a blog I follow written by a fellow witch. Her posts are always informative and from the heart.

I actually cheered out loud while reading this one; it highlights what I love (and hate) about being a witch AND blogging. The fact that some people feel it’s their right to troll. *tut* My Mum always taught me that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all“. Words to live by.

I don’t think it matters whether you are a pagan or not, this post is still worth sharing.

Flora x


Why Gardening and Natural Remedies?

I recently got a message from a reader that was upset with my blog for not being witchy enough. She was apparently not appreciative of my posting about gardening or natural remedies when I could “do much better posting witchcraft related topics.” Well, maybe this will clear it up.Evidently, this reader isn’t aware that gardening, gleaning from nature, and preparing natural remedies has been a part of the craft for centuries. Historically, practitioners of the craft were called upon for their knowledge of natural remedies. They aided their communities in this area. They got there healing herbs and plants through either growing them or by gleaning from the plants/trees in their area. It was a large aspect of their lives. They were healers. Yes, they could do conjuring and spells, but it was their role as a healer that was utilized the most, in many cases. For this reason, I will be posting on these topics.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, it seems that much of the witchy community has forgotten the healing aspects of the craft. In YouTube posts and other social media, the emphasis seems to center around spells and alters. Sometimes they talk about celebrating the Sabbats. Yet, rarely is healing more than a passing thought. There is a misconception that if you don’t work your alter daily or are casting spells, you are not working your craft properly. What a sad joke that is! They ignore a major function of what the practice can be. I find it ironic that so many witches ignore this aspect, yet non-witches are coming to embrace natural remedies. Look at the high level of interest around essential oils for healing. There are companies making a fortune with them.

So, to this reader, if my blog isn’t witchy enough for you, I wish you well as you pass it over for something more to your approval. What I choose to share is not always going to fit the modern mold of what is perceived as witchcraft. Some will like it, some won’t. I am fine with that. You practice your craft as you want, I will continue my path as it leads me.

Source: Why Gardening and Natural Remedies? – Luna Walks Alone

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