Publication Day – New Release – Book Birthday

Hello Fellow Book Lovers,

Today, I am very excited to announce the release of Forever Wolf, the latest novel in Maria Vale’s series – The Legend of All Wolves – which takes a new and unique look at the werewolf myth and genre in general.

I was given an advanced copy of Forever Wolf (The Legend of All Wolves #3) and absolutely loved it; you can read my reviews here. I hope you become as excited about this next instalment as I am.

If you haven’t read any of the series yet, it’s never too late to start your adventure with the Great North Pack. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

The Legend of All Wolves Series:

The Last Wolf (Book 1) – read my review (here) or buy the book (here).
A Wolf Apart (Book 2) – read my review (here) or buy the book (here).
Forever Wolf (Book 3) – read my review (here) or buy the book (here).

So without further ado…

Forever Wolf (Legend of All Wolves #13) by Maria Vale

Born with one blue eye and one green, Eyulf was abandoned as an infant and has never understood why, or what he is…Varya is fiercely loyal to the Great North Pack, which took her in when she was a teenager. While out on patrol, Varya finds Eyulf wounded and starving and saves his life, at great risk to her own.

Legend says his eyes portend the end of the world…or perhaps, the beginning…

With old and new enemies threatening the Great North, Varya knows as soon as she sees his eyes that she must keep Eyulf hidden away from the superstitious wolves who would doom them both. Until the day they must fight to the death for the Pack’s survival, side by side and heart to heart…

Buy FOREVER WOLF in print and eBook formats through the usual sources, including Amazon.

Check out Maria Vale’s website here for the full list of available retailers.

Maria Vale is a journalist who has worked for Publishers Weekly, Glamour magazine, Redbook, the Philadelphia Inquirer. She is a logophile and a bibliovore and a worrier about the world.

Trained as a medievalist, she tries to shoehorn the language of Beowulf into things that don’t really need it.

She currently lives in New York with her husband, two sons and a long line of dead plants. No one will let her have a pet.

Connect with Maria

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest |

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that you decide to check out this book and it soon becomes your new favourite read. I would love to hear from you after you’ve read it. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your day. Happy reading!


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