Flora Reviews… Crave (V.E.T. Vampire Romance Series #2) by Felicity Heaton

Crave (V.E.T Vampire Romance Series #2) by Felicity Heaton

Read: April 2014

Re-read: 22nd – 24th April 2019

Publication Date: 4th March 2012

Quote from Crave

Their kind rarely interacted with each other, unless you counted the occasional war. Werewolves didn’t like vampires. The feeling was more than mutual.”

My Overall Rating: 5/5

Plot: 5/5 – Flow: 4/5 – Character Development: 4/5 – World Building: 5/5


Crave is an erotic paranormal romance novella (approx 110 pages) and the second story in Ms Heaton’s dark, sinful and seductively erotic series – V.E.T. Vampire Romance Series. This addictive series features the sexy vampire owners and managers of London’s premier vampire erotic theatre, Vampirerotique; Javier, Callum, Andreu, Payne, Antoine and Snow; each book focus on the romance of one man and the woman who bring him to his knees and claims his heart.

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I don’t post spoilers or reveal plot twists in my book reviews, so here’s what the official blurb has to say about the story:

His mind has been set on his work for the past one hundred years. Now a forbidden beauty has stolen his attention and is threatening to steal his heart too.

Callum has come to the city of romance on business, not pleasure, but when he sets eyes on a gorgeous werewolf in a nightclub, he can’t ignore the dark carnal craving she ignites in him. His work for Vampirerotique, the erotic theatre he runs with three other vampires, can wait. The only thing that matters now is satisfying his sinful hunger for a woman who most vampires would consider an enemy.

Kristina is on the run from her pack. Her alpha is intent on forcing her to bear his child and she’s not about to live through the same nightmare as her mother had. When a tall, dark and sexy vampire catches her eye, she can’t believe the ferocity of the desire he unleashes in her or the fact that she enjoys the feel of his eyes on her and his silent pursuit of her in the clubs each night.

When Kristina finally gets a taste of Callum in a forbidden kiss, will she be strong enough to resist the allure of the vampire and his offer to share his bed for a week of unbridled, wild sex, or will she surrender to her own craving for the safety and passion she finds in his embrace?


I’m already a fan of Ms Heaton’s writing style; it’s the way she creates a very believable paranormal world and then fills it with complex, multifaceted characters and then weaves their stories with such depth that it just draws me in. Although Crave is a short novella, it’s by no means lacking in substance.

I definitely enjoy a story more if the lead female character is intelligent, resilient and has plenty of gumption and I wasn’t disappointed here. Goodness me, Kristina is amazing.

As I’ve said before, one of the reasons why I love Ms Heaton’s books so much is how she makes the most explicit sex scenes very romantic (I think that it takes a very talented writer to accomplish this), the erotic liaisons in this novella are balanced with beautifully written romance and poignant, internal dialogue from both Callum and Kristina; these insights into their thoughts, inner fears and emotions throughout this book cemented the romance in this paranormal romance novella and was heart-warming to read.

I loved Crave because it’s an uplifting story of love knows no boundaries with titillating passion but also had me holding my breath during an amazing fight scene and a well deserved HEA ending in Ms Heaton’s signature style.


There wasn’t a single page in this tummy tingling novella that I didn’t love.


This is a fantastic paranormal romance novella. It’s got everything that I’m looking for in a great story; action, romance, passion and plenty of well written steamy sex scenes. I couldn’t stop reading it!

As with all of Ms Heaton’s books, due to the graphic violence and explicit sexual content, I’d recommend this book to adults who are not offended by content of this nature who are fans of relationship and romance stories with plenty fire and passion.

So, has my review of CRAVE (V.E.T. VAMPIRE ROMANCE SERIES #2) encouraged you to find out more? I really hope so! Just click on any of the links below to check out the book yourself or to find out more about the author. To see the other books I’ve read, take a look at my profile on Goodreads.

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