Flora Reviews… Siege (The Warrior Chronicles #5) by K.F. Breene

Siege (Warrior Chronicles #5) by K.F. Breene

Read: 24th – 28th June 2019

Publication Date: 10th May 2016

Quote from Siege (Sorry, I love this scene and want to share the whole thing)

”Let’s move on to other matters. We’ve had some problems with nudity in the city.” Eloise looked at Shanti over the rim of her cup.

“I apologize.” Shanti shook her head at Molly’s proffered piece of pie. “They [Shanti’s people the Shumas] know the rules, but occasionally they forget.”

“Now, I don’t mind an attractive, nude male body – let’s get that right,” Fabienne said. “The issue is, we have to maintain some sort of decorum or else everyone will think nudity is the way to go. And we have more unattractive bodies in this city than attractive ones…”

“I think you’re focussing on the wrong part of this problem,” Eloise said.

“The problem is, the men are going to be standing around, gawking, and grabbing themselves,” Molly offered. “You know, if it’s a woman who’s naked.”

“No – Well, partially, yes, but that still isn’t exactly…” Eloise scratched her head.

“Young girls don’t need to see saggy balls.” Fabienne nodded at Shanti. “It could traumatize them.”

“That’s not-“ Eloise stared at Fabienne.

“It’s just not our custom, is that what you’re trying to say Eloise?” Tabby asked.

“Having women in the army isn’t our custom, but we’re pushing for that,” someone in the rear of the living room said. “I say let the attractive young men be naked. Old farts like my mister wouldn’t wander around with his tackle out. I don’t think we need to worry about that.”

“It isn’t just the men who go around with their bits uncovered, though.” Valencia turned on the couch to look back at the speaker.

“I don’t mind getting a little air under my dress,” someone else said quietly. “I’d try going nude. It would be liberating.”

“You’d sag to the floor!”


“Think of the children!” someone else shouted.

“Ladies, ladies!” Eloise rolled her eyes. “You are completely missing the point.”

“Until you resolve this, I’ll have a word with them,” Shanti said, trying to hide her smile. She would laugh in Sanders’ face if these women decided nudity should be more freely expressed.


My Overall Rating: 5/5

Plot: 5/5 – Flow: 5/5 – Character Development: 5/5 – World Building: 4/5


Siege is the fifth book (approx 370 pages) in K.F. Breene’s epic fantasy series – The Warrior Chronicles – a completed six book series with a prequel novella available too, which follows Shanti on her quest to kill The Supreme Being, Xandre, who is a despicable dictator who’s vision it is to have everyone in the land under his tyrannical rule and who was part of the massacre of her entire village when she was just 5 years old.

The world Ms Breene created is populated by peoples of different clans with varying skills such as being skilled craftsmen, effective traders or trained warriors who fight with blade and arrow to either protect their inhabitants or to enslave others. Some individuals, throughout this fantasy land, also have additional paranormal mind Gifts.

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I write about how the story was told rather than the plot itself, which means that my reviews don’t contain spoilers of any kind or reveal any plot twists, so here’s what the official blurb has to say about the story:

The land has become unnaturally quiet. It’s as if everyone is waiting for some sign that Xandre can be beaten. That someone will stand up to him, and win.

With Shanti calling the shots, and Cayan’s battle know-how, it seems certain that the Chosen can be the catalyst. That they can lead the oppressed to freedom.

But Xandre didn’t become the Being Supreme by chance, and he doesn’t intend for his rule to be stripped away so easily. He has already started to gather his forces, and with the entire land under his control, gaining a foothold seems impossible.

The final battle is brewing, and the winner is anything but decided…


As I’ve said before, epic fantasy isn’t my first choice of reading material but as I’m fan of K.F. Breene’s writing style, I started this series with an open mind back in December last year. I absolutely loved the first book, Chosen and downloaded the rest of the series shortly after finishing it, adding the Audible narrations too so that I could read AND listen to the stories, which has become my favourite way to read a book.

Siege starts where Invasion left off, with Shanti, Cayan, the Honour Guard, Sanders and the whole city of Westwood Lands picking up the pieces from the battle to reclaim their home and planning their next move.

Ms Breene has been building her world and introducing us to more aspects of this amazingly rich fantasy world in each book. Siege has a gripping plot that kept me hooked from beginning to end; it continues to build upon the previous books. This book has a lot of heart-pounding fight scenes and tense moments as well as the soul destroying imagery of the horrors of war but thankfully Ms Breene balances the darkness with beautifully crafted scenes of hope, love and fantastically written banter, so although the tears did flow freely, I found myself smiling and chuckling throughout.

As a narrated book, I was once again blown away with Caitlin Davies’s performance; loving the pace at which she read the story and her tonal adjustments for the various scenes and characters’ dialogue. She easily transported me into the battle to take this Graygaul and Inkna held city and I felt every win and every loss with heartfelt emotion.

As my regular followers will know, I enjoy a story more when the leading female character is intelligent, resilient, self-reliant, has a good sense of humour and has plenty of gumption; Shanti has all of these qualities and more. In fact, I love the way that all of the characters in this story have been written, their individual stories growing and developing in each book. They have all become very real in my mind (and heart). Oh, and like most Brits I do love a bit of banter – this story has plenty of it! I found myself COL (Chuckling Out Loud) throughout, usually at the banter and quips coming out of Shanti and the boys in the Honour Guard mouths and during the scene with the Shanti and the Women’s Circle that I quoted at the start of my review.

I loved the fact that the adventure aspect of this story kept me guessing what would happen next, the action kept me on the edge of my seat, the raw emotions and growing relationships, both platonic and romantic, made me go all dewy eyed as well as put a smile on my face and there was also the complex relationship between Shanti and Cayan that warmed my romantic heart and set my tummy a-tingling. *oooh*

Well, I gave Siege 5 stars, so I obviously enjoyed it.

Having said that, I feel that I should remind you that this is the penultimate book in a six book series, and as such, you must expect a cliffhanger or two. However, for those of you like me who HATE huge life or death cliff-hangers, rest assured, Ms Breene doesn’t leave us hanging with a perilous situation like that. Yes, there is the background story arc that is left unresolved, however in my opinion, this is a good thing as it leaves enough of a hook to continue into the next book and beyond.


I didn’t want to stop reading this book! It had everything that I look for in a great story; intelligent writing style that’s easy to read, main characters with depth of personality that I can believe in, depth of character in the supporting cast, gripping background story, believable settings and situations and a balanced mix of aspects; relationship, tension, action and mystery.

Due to the graphic nature of some of the more violent scenes, I would only recommend this book to adults who are not offended by this sort of content who enjoy independent capable heroines and strong alpha heroes, tense often traumatic and brutal confrontations within epic fantasy adventures. I already have the final book in this amazing series and can’t wait to read (and listen to) the grand finale of this gripping fantasy adventure.

So, has my review of SIEGE (WARRIOR CHRONICLES #5) encouraged you to find out more? I really hope so! Just click on any of the links below to check out the book yourself or to find out more about the author.

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