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A February Reading Challenge!

A challenge to read more…

Since joining I have found many “new to me” authors and series. I took the site’s general “2014 Reading
Challenge” and have signed up again this year. In addition to that I decided to
sign up for a few reading challenges that the groups I belong to set. This post
is all about the monthly reading challenge that the
Romance & Urban Fantasy” Group
have set…

PNR & UF Group – February 2015 Challenge

1. Aphrodite
was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. In the story of the Trojan War, the
Trojan Paris awarded Aphrodite the Apple of Discord after judging her to be the
most beautiful of the goddesses. She then sided with the Trojans throughout the
war: Read a book where a war or battle takes place or a book where main
characters fight over a love interest.

“Heart of Darkness” by Felicity Heaton in
Eternal Love: Vampire Romance Box set

2. Ishtar is the
Babylonian goddess of love, procreation, and war. When the love of her life,
the farm god Tammuz, died, she followed him to the Underworld: Read a book
involving demons or a book where at least part of the story takes place in an
underground realm.

“Darkness Reborn – Order of the Blade #5”
by Stephanie Rowe

3. Inanna was
the oldest of the love goddess of the Mesopotamian region. She was a Sumerian
goddess of love and war. Although she is regarded as a virgin, Inanna is a
goddess responsible for sexual love, procreation, and fertility: Read a book
where a wedding takes place, or where someone is having a baby, or a book where
one of the characters is a virgin.

“To Hell and Back (Lily Harper Series #3)”
by H.P. Mallory

4. Ashtart/Astarte
is a Semitic goddess of sexual love, maternity and fertility. She is also a war
goddess and is associated with leopards or lions. Sometimes she is two-horned:
Read a book about shifters.

“Hunted By A Jaguar (Eternal Mates #4)” by
Felicity Heaton

5. Venus was
the Roman goddess of love and beauty. She was originally an Italic goddess of
vegetation and patron of gardens: Read a book involving any woodland creatures,
Fairies, Elves, Fae, Dryads, Satyrs, Gnomes, Nymphs, etc.

“Claiming The Vampire (Blood and Absinthe
#3)” by Chloe Hart

6. Hathor is an Egyptian goddess who sometimes wears a sun
disk with horns on her head: Read a book where a main character has powers
similar to the sun, some sort of fire power or pyrokinetics, dragon shifter,
fire demon, etc.

“Whisper Cape
(Whisper Cape #1)” by Regan Walsh

7. Isis is the Egyptian goddess of magic: Read a book
where a main character is some kind of magic user, spellcaster, sorcerer, or

Of Swine and Roses” by Ilona Andrews

8. Freya was a beautiful Vanir Norse goddess of love,
magic, and divination, who was called upon for help in matters of love: Read a
book where a character has the power of divination or foretelling the future or
a book where at least part of the story involves time travelling to another
time or place.

“Darkness Dawns (Immortal Guardians #1)” by
Dianne Duvall

9. Nügua was
primarily a Chinese creator goddess, but after she populated the earth, she
taught mankind how to procreate, so she wouldn’t have to do it for them: Read a
book where at least one character is of Asian descent, or a book where there’s
some sort of Asian martial arts fighting, or a book where part of the story
takes place in an Asian named place or city.

“Shadows and Gold (Elemental Legacy #0.5)”
by Elizabeth Hunter

10. Tlazolteotl is the Aztec goddess of
fertility, sex, childbirth and love. She appears in four forms that correspond
to the phases of the moon: Read a book where at least one main character is a

“Huntress & Stunner (Alexa O’Brien
Huntress Series #0.5 & #0.75)” by Trina M Lee

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