A Ghost in the Glamour (A Linx & Bogie Story #1) by Elizabeth Hunter 🎧

Hello, fellow audiobook fans. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts about A Ghost in the Glamour written by Elizabeth Hunter and read by Melissa Moran. The first story in Elizabeth’s urban fantasy series, Linx & Bogie Mystery.

My thanks to the publisher, Tantor Audio, for the audiobook in exchange for a candid review.

What’s A Ghost in the Glamour about?


Listened To: 31st October – 6th November 2021

What did I think about it?

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Hot Clues to Cold Cases!

Elizabeth Hunter is one of my favourite authors. I love her writing style and her stories tick all the boxes for me. They have an intelligent writing style that’s easy to read. Protagonists with personality traits that feel credible. A range of supporting characters that earn their place in the story. Plots and settings that feel believable – even when based in a paranormal world. And finally, a balanced mix of relationship, tension, action, humour and mystery in the plotline.

A Ghost in the Glamour had all the elements that I look for in an engaging story.

Linx is a young woman and a great character. She’s already exhibited many of the personality traits that I love; resilience, humour and self-reliance. Being born into a family of mediums has its own list of pros and cons but I loved how Linx handled the situations life threw at her. Bogie is also quite the character. 😘 He’s a man (*umm* ghost?) of his time but was/is still an honest police detective. I enjoyed the flashbacks and how Linx and Bogie investigated the mystery in this story.

Melissa Moran is a new-to-me narrator.

I really enjoyed Melissa’s performance. The pace at which she read the story and the emotions she conveyed in the narrative was good. Melissa also manages to create slightly different voices for the characters, meaning that I never felt confused about who was speaking during the many conversations. Melissa has definitely captured Linx’s personality and the feel of the story brilliantly in her narration.

Elizabeth doesn’t leave us with nasty cliffhangers. Woop!

I loved how the murder mystery was solved by the end of the story. We learn a lot about our protagonists, however, I’m looking forward to getting to know Linx and Bogie as the series progresses.

I’d recommend A Ghost in the Glamour to fans of mystery stories. Especially those who enjoy escapades with a ghostly detective thrown in.

Has my review of A Ghost in the Glamour encouraged you to find out more? ‘Course it has! 😉 Click on any of my links to check it out yourself.

Keep reading to find out more about Elizabeth Hunter. But first, I want to share some info about this spooktacular series with you.

Linx & Bogie Mystery by Elizabeth Hunter

Linx Maxwell’s life is on the verge of greatness. If only she could get rid of the ghost who’s plagued her since the eighth grade.

Books in the Series

  • A Ghost in the Glamour (A Linx & Bogie Mystery #1) (2017)
  • A Bogie in the Boat (A Linx & Bogie Mystery #2) (2018)

The Linx & Bogie Mystery stories are available in ebook, print and audiobook.

And now as promised, here’s Elizabeth’s bio and social media links.


And because this is a review about an audiobook, here’s Melissa’s bio and links too.


Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to read my thoughts about A Ghost in the Glamour. Have you read this one or any others by Elizabeth Hunter? Do you have any titles read by Melissa Moran on your shelves? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Elizabeth Hunter is one of my favourite authors, my archives are packed with her stories.😘 You can find Elizabeth on my favourite authors’ page. Therefore, before you go, check out who else is listed in my A to Z of Amazing Authors. Is your favourite author on it?

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