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An Exciting Announcement For Fans of Independent Authors #BBNYA

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Hello fellow book fans!

Today, I wanted to share with you some AMAZING news that I heard over the weekend. As you may know, I love supporting #IndieAuthors, those intrepid writers who self-publish their stories.

But I’m not the only blogger out there singing the #IndieAuthor song…

The BBNYA Reveal!

It has been ten days since we started teasing this project on Twitter (@BBNYA_official) and it has been really fun to see everyone so excited, but also confused and eager to know what is going on.

Well, the time has come to finally reveal what this shady business is about…

We are proud to introduce

The First Annual Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award!

in association with
The Folio Society & The Write Reads

BBNYA, the first annual Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award, is a competition for indie authors (both self-published and published by small indie presses).
The contest will be judged by a large and diverse panel of book bloggers from all around the world. The panel will put the books through several rounds of judging based off a wide set of criteria. As each round goes by, we will have bookbloggers announce the results – until finally we announce our ten finalists. After further intensive reviewing, we will choose our favorite and declare it the ‘’Book Bloggers Novel of the Year’’!

This project has been in the works for over a year and it is finally ready to be shared with the world! We are assembling a big panel of book bloggers and a significant group of indie authors  for this contest. We want to give underappreciated, lesser known authors a chance to make themselves known without being overshadowed by the big names, but also show the world the power of book bloggers!

The winning author will receive a whole bunch of prizes – including ones sponsored by our big-name supporter The Folio Society – the makers of the most beautiful books in the world. As well as the most important prize: The honour, recognition, and vindication of being our winner and the endorsement of book bloggers.

The winning author will receive:

  • A yet to be revealed BBNYA 2020 trophy
  • A 1st place BBNYA 2020 badge for the winning book
  • A 100 pound Folio Society voucher
  • A 100 euros cash prize.
  • An ‘Ultimate Blog Tour’ for the winning book, probably the biggest Ultimate Tour yet!

The other finalists will win prizes as well:

  • BBNYA 2020 finalist badges for their books
  • More Folio Society vouchers (£50 voucher each)
  • For 2nd to 5th place, a ‘Standard Blog Tour’ from @The_WriteReads with 20-40 bloggers taking part.
  • For 6th to 10th place, a ‘Mini Blog Tour’ from @The_WriteReads with 10-15 bloggers taking part.

The prizes are not just for authors as the bloggers taking part in our judging panel will also be in the running for loads of amazing prizes and rewards, including additional Folio Society vouchers and a badge you can put on your blog stating you were a panel member of the BBNYA 2020!

ALL prizes associated with BBNYA 2020, for both authors and bloggers, will be fully international in every way.

More details, all terms & conditions will be available soon on our official website http://bbnya.com!
Keep an eye on our Twitter for all updates: @BBNYA_official.

Participate in the BBNYA 2020 by signing up below!

Apply to be a panelist!

All book bloggers are welcome in our panel! We want to have a big panel, but spots are still limited, so make sure you sign-up!

Authors – receive an email reminder!

We will open up author applications as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more and keeping up to date with the progress, you can sign-up for the email reminder so you won’t miss the moment you can sign-up! You will get all the information you need to enter this competition right into your mailbox!

There will be an administration fee of 15 euros for author entries, which won’t be charged until early 2020 after confirming all entries.

This is the announcement of the project, not an official statement of BBNYA.
The exact Terms & Conditions and other relevant details will be available on the official website. Details mentioned in this post are a subject to change.

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  2. […] may remember back in November, when I talked about an exciting announcement for fans of independent authors. A few book bloggers in association with The Folio Society and The Write Reads got […]

  3. I’d say that 50% + of my reading is indie so I like this. I like this lots. 🙂

  4. Beware Of The Reader says:

    This is great news Flora!!!

  5. You’re welcome, Esmee ♥️

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