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Another Monday – Another Hottie

Michelangelo's marble statue of "David" is seen at the dome of Florence's Accademia
Michelangelo’s marble statue of “David” is seen at the dome of Florence’s Accademia

Hello my lovely followers,

One of my favourite paranormal romance authors, Felicity Heaton , used to post delicious pictures of very delectable male specimens every Monday, calling it Manday Hotties, for a bit of harmless fun. Back in 2017, I thought that I’d do something similar here on my blog for a year – gotta share the love, right! 😉

Well this month’s Valentine post was the one year anniversary of these Manday Hottie features! Doesn’t time fly when you stare at hot hunks! Lol!

I’ve been looking back at the images I’ve posted and I’ve definitely got a soft spot for dark haired males and stunning eyes that seem to lure me in but I have tried to mix it up.

I will continue to try to find out who’s name goes with every suitably scrummy image of maleness that I find online and post as a Manday Hottie image.

As I am a kind and considerate blogger, 😉 I’ve created a Manday Hottie category and tag so that you can easily search through my site and find all the eye candy I’ve posted so far.

in-love-light-signatureSo, for this week, I’ve found this mouthwatering pic of Australian cricketer Shane Watson. What do you think? He’s certainly brightened my day…

Have a Happy Monday, and I hope your week is off to a great start.


Shane Watson
Shane Watson

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