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Reblogged Post… Art found in LOWLIFE MAGAZINE

Hello Everyone,

Like you, I get a number of blog posts by email and I thought that I would share this amazing post with you.

My artistic side that can appreciate the skill and beauty of this work is soaring with joy while my love of books is screaming with pain…



Artist Guy Laramée Carves Beautiful Landscapes In Old Books

Guy Laramée is a Montreal-based artist whose multifaceted approach to the arts has seen him touch upon an array of different disciplines, such as theatrical writing and directing, musical composition, installation, and painting, to name but a few; noteworthy are his carved book sculptures, for which Laramée repurposes old dictionaries and encyclopaedias so as to produce spectacular landscapes.

The method through which Guy Laramée creates his awe-inspiring works is that of sandblasting and the subsequent addition of oil paints, inks, crayons, dry pastels, and adhesives; the result is a satellite or aerial view of what appears to be a vast landscape within an otherwise old or disused book.

Guy Laramee 1

Guy Laramee 4

Guy Laramee 3

Guy Laramee 2

Source: Artist Guy Laramée Carves Beautiful Landscapes In Old Books – LOWLIFE MAGAZINE

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