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Artist Rafael Gómezbarros’ Giant Ant Infestations Will Make Your Skin Crawl by Lowlife Magazine

Hello my lovelies,

As you may already know, Lowlife Magazine is one of those WordPress blogs that I get an email from every time a new article is posted (like some of you do with Flora’s Musings…) and I thought that I would share this amazing post with you.

My artistic side can appreciate the skill, my humorous side chuckles at the thought of what people say when they see these around their city and the part of me that sees/reads too many horror stories screams, running away in terror! Lol!



Artist Rafael Gómezbarros’ Giant Ant Infestations Will Make Your Skin Crawl

For over a decade, Colombian artist Rafael Gómezbarros has been frightening passers-by with his swarms of giant creepy-crawlies invading prominent governmental structures in and around Colombia. Entitled Casa Tomada (“Taken House”)the two-feet-long insects represent the displacement and plight of migrant workers throughout the world, as well as being a tribute to those who have been affected by the half-century-long strife in Colombia.

The massive creatures have found themselves crawling across the National Congress building in Bogotá and on the walls of the resting place of political leader Simón Bolívar.

Rafael Gomezbarros 2

Rafael Gomezbarros 1

Rafael Gomezbarros

SOURCE: https://lowlifemagazine.com/2018/04/03/artist-rafael-gomezbarros-giant-ant-infestations-will-make-your-skin-crawl/

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