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AudioBook Birthday: Dark Alpha’s Passion by Donna Grant

Good morning, my lovelies. Today, I’m celebrating an audiobook birthday, Dark Alpha’s Passion by Donna Grant. The fourteenth book in her addictive paranormal romance series, Reaper.

I really enjoy Donna’s books, as a quick look at my review archive will confirm. 😉 Therefore, I’m been impatiently waiting for the audio release of Dark Alpha’s Passion. I’ll be listening to it shortly and will post my review soon.

Keep reading for a sneaky extract and to find out more about Donna, and her Reaper series. But first, I know you’re chomping at the bit to find out about this audiobook. 😉

What’s Dark Alpha’s Passion about?

audiobook cover for Reaper 14 - Dark Alpha's Passion by Donna Grant - Read by Victoria McGloven

From New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant comes another gripping story in her Reaper series featuring a brotherhood of elite assassins who wage war on the Fae at Death’s behest—and the women who dare to love them.

There is no escaping a Reaper. They are elite assassins, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says a Fae’s time is up, they are who she sends…

The Fae Others think they have me in their grip, but little do they know that I’m working as a double agent. My alliance now lies with the Reapers and Death, and it is my mission and duty to destroy the malignant organization before their rot spreads. Unfortunately, a surprise splits my focus—a more than welcome one. I never thought to reunite with my lost true love. And now that I have, I must find a way to shelter her from the evil Six and convince my new friends that she’s not a threat. Admittedly, there is some doubt. How can there not be? But I trust her. And I haven’t seen her, held her, kissed her for centuries. I loved her then, will love her always, and will do whatever it takes to keep her by my side for as long as we have. Her cunning and courage hold me captive, and our passion knows no bounds. If only the timing were better—and the world safer.

Sounds like a fantastic story, doesn’t it? Keep reading to find out more about Donna Grant and this amazing series. But first, let me share an extract from Dark Alpha’s Passion with you.

Chapter One


He was fucked. There was no getting around that. Any way he looked, every idea he had, fell apart like mist that vanished with the sun.

Ruarc paused in his wandering of the streets and watched the bright streaks of red and orange in the sky. It was a beautiful sunrise. Any other day, he might have taken it as a good omen. But he knew truths now that he hadn’t before. Truths that changed everything.

The rage inside him threatened to explode. He wanted to hurt something. No. He wanted to tear the limbs from the six individuals who had put him in this tenuous position—the Six. There was only one outcome for him. He didn’t fear death. He dreaded everything he would leave behind.

Ruarc leaned a shoulder against a building and dropped his head into his hands. Emotion, viscous and cloying, choked him. He might feel better if he could let out a bellow, slam his fist into a wall, or…something. But he couldn’t. Those who controlled whether his family lived or died watched him. One wrong move, and those he loved could be taken from him. He’d once given up everything for them. How could he let anything happen to his family now?

He lifted his head. Dublin never truly slept. No city did. The dawning of a new day sent the seedier individuals to their holes to await the night, while other opportunistic people began filling the streets. Ruarc didn’t know which he found more abhorrent.

Fae milled among the mortals—Dark and Light, alike. Some Dark didn’t bother hiding their red eyes or their silver-streaked black hair. In this day and age, where humans sported various hair colors and eye shades thanks to contacts, no one paid them any heed. Though mortals were unconsciously drawn to the Fae. Ruarc rarely walked amid humans without lowering his power so they didn’t gather around him. Some Fae got off on having that kind of control over mortals. He never had. He found it a nuisance. It made the humans look weak. No other being reacted to the Fae the way they did. And to most Fae, who were egomaniacs, it gave them a god complex.

Ruarc didn’t hate humans. But he didn’t like them, either. They were simply a part of Earth. Just as the Dragon Kings were. If Ruarc had his preference, he’d be back on the Fae Realm, not having to deal with mortals or the Kings.

But he wasn’t on the Fae Realm. He was on Earth.

“In fekking Hell,” he murmured.

As the morning progressed, the tourists began filling the streets. They were oblivious to the threats walking alongside them. His gaze locked on a woman, staring at him. She had her blond hair pulled back in a ponytail that looked as if she had slept in it. For some unknown reason, mortals thought that was a good look for them. They were wrong.

She was a twenty-something in jeans, a white t-shirt, and white sneakers. It was how she stared at him that got his attention. It didn’t take Ruarc long to realize that this wasn’t just any human. The woman was a Druid.

But why was she staring at him?

Druids were all over the world, but the strongest of them resided on the Isle of Skye. It wasn’t an oddity to find a Druid walking the streets of Dublin. What bothered him was the way she observed him. He quirked a brow, daring her to come closer. She dropped her gaze, and a heartbeat later, turned and walked away.

Ruarc almost followed her. Almost. In the end, he didn’t care that she had been staring. So what if she knew he was Fae? Most Druids’ magic had been diluted through the generations, which meant many hardly had any left. Every once in a while, one was born with significant power and had no idea what it was or how to use it. However, Ruarc had more pressing concerns than the Druids.

He turned his thoughts from the human and back to the matter at hand. The fuckery he was currently mired in. He sighed loudly. His first thought was to run far and fast. If only that were an option. His life wasn’t the one on the line, though. It was his family’s.

Ruarc ran a hand down his face and pushed away from the building to continue walking. He had no destination in mind. It wouldn’t matter if he did. The Others would find him. They always did.

“Fek,” he said as his anxiety rose.

He didn’t only have the Others watching him. Now, there were the Reapers.

“Fekking Reapers,” he said with a shake of his head.

He’d believed that Rordan was his friend. It had been so long since Ruarc had found someone he thought he could trust. In the end, he’d discovered that Rordan had the biggest secret of all. He was a Reaper. It explained so much about his actions on Achill Island. Rordan had been undercover. He hadn’t cared a whit about anyone or anything but his mission.

Even if Ruarc wanted to turn to Rordan for help now, he couldn’t chance it—not that the Reapers would help him.

Ruarc didn’t look around to see if anyone followed. He knew he was being trailed. His every action scrutinized. He’d never hated anyone more than he did the Six who governed the Fae Others. They wanted power. And they didn’t care who died for them to obtain it.

Now you want to get this book, don’t you?! 😘

Keep reading to find out more about Donna Grant. But first, let me share more about the Reaper series.

Reaper by Donna Grant

Donna Grant’s Reaper series is a spin-off within her Dark World universe that includes; Dark King series, Dark Warrior series and Dark Sword series. The world features a range of supernatural/mythological beings including. Dark and light fae, fae Reapers (who work for Death herself) and dragon shifters. Magic welding druids – the mies who use light magic, dark magic users the droughs – and the druid Warriors who have the powers of the old gods. These various species can be found inhabiting our world as well as in their own magical realms hidden from the knowledge of humans.

They live to do Death’s bidding. Judge, jury, and executioner, the Reapers assassinate who Death wants gone-and are always successful in their quests. But when centuries of walking alone are brought to a crashing halt by the women they want more than anything, they will have to risk everything to keep those they love safe and in their arms…

Books in the Series

It’s never too late to start your adventure with these amazing fae warriors. Read my thoughts about each one.

Buy any of the books in the Reaper series in ebook and audio formats through all the usual retailers, including:

Amazon* ¦ Audible*

And finally, as promised, here’s Donna’s bio.

Meet Donna Grant

Author image of Donna Grant-2

Donna is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over forty-five novels. Her most popular series is the breathtaking Dark King (aka Dragon King) series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

In addition to her novels, Donna has written over forty short stories, novellas, and novelettes for digital-first and print release. She has been dubbed as giving the “paranormal genre a burst of fresh air” by the San Francisco Book Review. Her work has been hailed as having “deft plotting and expert characterization” by Publisher’s Weekly and “sizzling” by RT Book Reviews.

She has been recognized with awards from both bookseller and reader contests including the National Reader’s Choice Award, Booksellers Best Award, as well as the coveted K.I.S.S. Award from RT Book Reviews.

Donna travels often for various speaking engagements, conferences, and book signings. She is also a frequent workshop presenter at national conferences such as RT Book Lovers Convention and Thrillerfest, as well as local chapters.

Born and raised in Texas, she also has ties across the border in Louisiana. Growing up with two such vibrant cultures, her Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding. She is never far from her faithful 80-pound dog, Sisko, or her three cats. She can often be found at the movies or bookstore with her children. Or buying makeup. And shoes.

If you want to know more about Donna or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:


Thank you for visiting and joining me to celebrate today’s audiobook birthday, Dark Alpha’s Passion. Have you read any of this series yet? Do you have any of Donna Grant’s other titles on your shelf? I’d love to chat and find out. Drop me a comment below.

Donna Grant is one of my favourite authors. I’ve been reading her books for years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Donna is on my A to Z of Favourite Authors. Before you go, check out which amazing authors made it onto the list with her! Is your favourite author on it?

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Haven’t read any of the books, but I definitely am curious! That extract was perfect + I also love the blurb. And the covers are *fans herself* sizzling! Thanks for sharing~

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