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AudioBook Birthday: Dragon Unbound by Donna Grant #DragonKings

Good morning, my lovelies. Today, I’m celebrating an audiobook birthday, Dragon Unbound written by Donna Grant and read by Antony Ferguson and Keira Stevens. The third audiobook in her addictive paranormal romance series, Dragon Kings.

I really enjoy Donna’s books, as a quick look at my review archive will confirm. 😘 Therefore, I couldn’t wait for the audio release of Dragon Unbound. I’m listening to it at the moment and will post my review soon.

Keep reading to find out more about Donna, and her Dragon Kings series. But first, I know you’re chomping at the bit to find out about this audiobook. 😉

What’s Dragon Unbound about?


Keep reading to find out more about Donna and the Dragon Kings series.

Dragon Kings by Donna Grant

The Dragon Kings is a spin-off of Donna’s Dark Kings series.

Called the Dragon Kings a millennium ago, these men of power and magic can shift into dragon form and have ruled over all other creatures. When humans appeared, they protected them until they were betrayed and thousands of dragons were killed. The betrayal was made worse when they discovered that it came from a woman who had vowed to love one of the Dragon Kings. The Dragon Kings withdrew their power from the world, from humans, some of the dragons choosing to sleep away the passing millennia. But now a new evil is beginning to awaken the Dark Kings and they are reluctantly being pulled into a war, not of their choosing. What they never expected to find is a love so powerful it threatens to change everything they have ever known.

Each book focuses on the relationship and romance of one Dragon King and the mate he finds in this new world.

Books in the Series

  • Dragon Revealed (Dragon Kings #1) (2020)
  • Dragon Mine (Dragon Kings #2) (2021)
  • Dragon Unbound (Dragon Kings #3) (2022)
  • Dragon Eternal (Dragon Kings #4) (expected 14th Jun 2022)

Buy any of the books in the Dragon Kings series in ebook and audio formats through all the usual retailers, including:

Amazon* ¦ Audible*

And finally, as promised, here’s Donna’s bio.


And because this is an audiobook release, here’s the narrator’s bio.


Thank you for visiting and joining me to celebrate today’s audiobook birthday, Dragon Unbound. Have you read any of this series yet? Do you have any of Donna Grant’s other titles on your shelf? I’d love to chat and find out. Drop me a comment below.

Donna Grant is one of my favourite authors. I’ve been reading her books for years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Donna is on my A to Z of Favourite Authors. Before you go, check out which amazing authors made it onto the list with her! Is your favourite author on it?

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