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Book Birthday: Defy The Eye by Layla Lochran

Today, I’m very excited to announce the release of Defy the EYE by Layla Lochran. A thrilling new sci-fi romance filled with early Norsemen, ancient folklore, on the edge of your seat adventure, and newfound love sure to win your heart. Defy The EYE is the prequel novel in Layla’s new sci-fi romance series, Ambrota Defenders.

Keep reading for a sneaky peek, find out more about Layla, this book and the Ambrota Defenders series. There’s also an amazing GiveAway too.

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Defy The EYE (Ambrota Defenders #0.5) by Layla Lochran

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Astradell is the first female Zarbizokian to become a ‘Defender of the EYE’; an organization of elite beings in search of a menacing force wanting to take over the universe. In her first mission she must gain information from planet Earth. Curiosity winning out, she goes against the EYE by interacting with the humans, finding them too alluring to only observe. Visions of a blue-eyed man consumes her mind, knowing he must be saved before it is too late. Now hunted for her defiance, her Defender brethren will soon realize just how strong she has become.

Gundar’s ancestors hid themselves in the icy tundra on Earth long ago, teaching generations their way of worshiping many Gods and other worlds beyond their own. Folklore or not, he knows there are secrets buried within their kind yet to be discovered. Plagued with a gift to hear others thoughts, he distances himself in hopes of obtaining solace. Strength waning, he finds it difficult to go on, until a beauty baring wings and glowing eyes fills his nights. His Goddess, ready to take him to Valhalla.

Astradell’s secret mission will in the end save her planet, but first a mysterious illness begins turning humans into savage beasts and Earth needs protecting. This might take longer than she expected.

Get a first look into the new Ambrota Defenders Series at the end of this story!

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Keep reading for a sneaky peek into the pages of Defy the EYE, find out more about Layla, and the Ambrota Defenders series. There’s also an amazing GiveAway too.

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Quixt let out a single laugh, “Father is beginning to show his age, don’t you think?” Exclamations of denial come from the King, then everyone quiets as a heavy mood darkens the room. “You sure you can best me with one sword Picca?” He gave her a once over then shrugged, nodded and tossed one of his swords to the side. “I fear you are insane for challenging me this way.”

“I have no wish for you to go easy dear brother.” Astradell said in a taunt as she shifted her sword from her left hand to her right. She then crouched down, preparing for the challenge her brother will most certainly grant her. “Are you sure you can bring it?” She sent him a mischievous grin and prepared to lunge forward.

Keep reading to enter the amazing GiveAway and find out more about Layla.

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Layla Lochran grew up in a tiny ski town in Western New York, always with a variety of books in her hand. Contemporary, Historical, and Paranormal romances struck her fancy, expanding her imagination and dreams in someday becoming an author herself. Rock concerts, photography, and brightly colored hair are just a few of her hobbies, as well as having fun with special FX makeup, props, and costumes with her son and community. Other than reading, she enjoys nature, many different wines and local vineyards, spending time with her family, and helping others to find their creative edge. Someday she will travel the world to see all it has to offer her. Life is short; live every day to the fullest, love exponentially, stay positive, and give it your all.

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Connect with Layla:

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Thanks for taking the time to read this Book Birthday post. Don’t forget to check out Defy The Eye yourself and enter the giveaway. 😉

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