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Book Birthday: The Sea of the Dead (The Magicians of Venice #2) by Amy Kuivalainen

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Today, I’m celebrating a book birthday – Sea of the Dead by Amy Kuivalainen. The second novel in her magical urban fantasy series, The Magicians of Venice.

I read book 1 – The Immortal City – last year and fell in love with the world Amy had created. Read what I had to say about the story here. I’m really enjoying reading Sea of the Dead too and will post my review soon.

Keep reading to find out more about the book, Amy and The Magicians of Venice series.

About the Book

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Book Birthday: The Sea of the Dead (The Magicians of Venice #2) by Amy KuivalainenTitle: The Sea of the Dead by Amy Kuivalainen
Series: The Magicians of Venice #2
Published by BHC Press on 17 September, 2020
Genres: Urban Fantasy
No. of Pages: 292

The battle for Venice might be over, but the war is just beginning… Penelope’s and Alexis’s adventure continues in the second installment of The Magicians of Venice series.

Penelope has accepted her role as the new Archivist for the magicians, but with war brewing with the priests of Thevetat and the tide of magic on the rise, she’s going to have to learn her way around her new and dangerous world if she has any hope of outsmarting their enemies.

When Penelope’s friend and fellow archaeologist, Tim, uncovers a scroll containing a magical secret lost in the Dead Sea for two thousand years, Penelope and Alexis must travel to Israel to find him before Abaddon and Kreios get there first.

To defeat Thevetat and his followers, they’ll need to find a weapon capable of ending him for good, and as her old life collides with her new, Penelope will pay the ultimate price to keep the secrets of the magicians safe.

Review Format: eBook
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Intriguing, isn’t it? Keep reading to find out more about The Magicians of Venice series and its author.

The Magicians of Venice

A fantasy trilogy set in our modern world that draws inspiration from the world’s ancient past. From civilisations and mythology to the old forgotten Gods and Goddesses.

Books in the Trilogy

Magicians of Venice

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Does thins sound like your type of series? Keep reading to find out more about its author, Amy Kuivalainen.

About Amy Kuivalainen

Author - Amy Kuivalainen

Amy Kuivalainen is a Finnish-Australian writer that is obsessed with magical wardrobes, doors, auroras and burial mounds that might offer her a way into another realm. Until then, she will write about fairy tales, monsters, magic and mythology because that’s the next best thing. She is the author of The Firebird Fairytales Trilogy and The Blood Lake Chronicles series that mash-up traditional tales and mythology in new and interesting ways.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating today’s book birthday, The Sea of the Dead. Now go check it out for yourself and buy it! 😉

Flora x

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