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Review: Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince #5) by Jennifer Blackstream

book cover for Blood Prince book 5 - Beautiful Salvation by Jennifer Blackstream

Last year, I decided that mini reviews were the way forward me and my blog. 😉 Consequently, I only write full detailed reviews for the books I receive from authors, publishers and PR organiser (ARCs). When I read a book that I’ve bought, like this Blood Prince one by Jennifer Blackstream, I write a mini review instead.

I first read this book back in April 2019 but didn’t post my review on my blog. Therefore, I’m remedying that right now …

Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince Series #5) by Jennifer Blackstream

book cover for Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince Series #5) by Jennifer Blackstream

A princess with darkness inside her…

Aiyana’s dreams are filled with blood and death, her waking hours plagued by phantom cries for blood that seem to come from the earth itself. Fearing that she’s becoming a danger to her people, Aiyana determines to risk a bargain with a fairy to get rid of the frightening power inside her. If she can find the fairy. If she can get past the god she meets in the woods. If there wasn’t something about him that felt so…familiar.

A god reduced…

Saamal is a deity who has gone from being all-powerful to being forced to watch his land die. His only chance to save his kingdom is a marriage bond with the princess prophesied to return him to glory. The only obstacle? The princess has been cursed—trapped in a death-like state. When he is given a way to communicate with her, he has hope for the first time in decades. Unfortunately, the princess is horrified by his very nature and the future she envisions if she believes what he claims. The once all-powerful god must now do something he’s never had to do before…ask.

A marriage and a war…

When your real world is the Dream World, it’s difficult to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. A princess under a curse. A god stripped of half his power. The longer the land goes without the power it needs, the more it will take to awaken the kingdom’s…Beautiful Salvation.

 Sleeping Beauty Gets The Blackstream Treatment in This Gripping Finale

I’m already a fan of Ms Blackstream’s writing style. I love the way she mixes mythology and beloved fairytales and gives them a new perspective.

Once again, I downloaded the narration of this book too. Matt Addis’ performance was amazing! The pace he read transported me into the scenes and his tonal variations brought each character to life. He is a talented voice actor and I would happily buy books narrated by him in the future.

I loved the moral question of perspective that this story highlighted. What is good and right to one may seem evil and intrinsically wrong to another. Both our main characters had to reassess their views in this tale.

The background story arc that played out in the prologues and epilogues throughout this series has been completed in this book. However, there are a couple of bonus stories that are part of the Blood Prince series which I can’t wait to read too – The Pirate’s Witch (#6) and Dead To Begin With (#7).

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts.

I hope I’ve sparked your interest and that you add this one to your groaning TBR piles. Or indeed, any of the Blood Prince series. 😉

Bye for now,

Flora x

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