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Elegy For A Dead Witch by Doreen Valiente

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Like many, the poetry of Doreen Valiente has featured in more than a few ritual celebrations, this particular poem was chosen by a dear friend to be read at her funeral a few years ago. Every time I read it I think of her, perfect for this time of year, when we take a moment or two, to spare a thought and remember our family and friends who have already passed into the Summerlands.


Elegy For A Dead Witch

By Doreen Valiente

To think that you are gone, over the crest of the hills

As the Moon passes from her fullness, riding the sky,

And the White Mare took you with her.

To think that we will wait another life

To drink wine from the horns, and leap the fire.

Farewell from this world, but not from the circle.

That place that is between the worlds

Shall hold return in due time. Nothing is lost.

The half of a fruit from the tree of Avalon

Shall be our reminder, among the fallen leaves

This life treads underfoot. Let the rain weep.

Waken in sunlight from the Realms of Sleep.

By Flora

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