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Hello Avid Readers,

Today, I am very excited and proud to be taking part in the blog tour for Fever by Donna Grant, the latest novel in her Dark Kings series! I have fallen in love with these powerful dragon shifters and couldn’t resist the opportunity to help spread the word about this latest instalment.

Keep reading to read a free excerpt and don’t forget to use the purchase links to grab your copy of this fantastic new paranormal romance today.

Fever (Dragon Kings #16) by Donna Grant

His kiss was fire and passion. She shivered, wondering how he knew just how to touch her, to send her spiraling into an abyss of pleasure…

For centuries, the Dragon Kings have lived among mortals, forsaking their true selves. But for Keltan, hiding in the realm of shadows—and existing only in the world of dreams—is no longer an option. A human woman claims to know that he, like other dark warriors of his kind, is real. That the legends about these powerful, seductive men with hearts ablaze are true. And that, with just one embrace, Kelton could destroy her…or love her until the end of time.

Bernadette Davies is an anthropologist who knows better than to fall into the arms of a Dragon King. But how can she resist Keltan when he’s so willing to share his secrets and bear his soul? He hasn’t met a beautiful, trustworthy woman like Bernadette in…forever. But once they give into their mutual desire, their worlds will never be the same. Soon Bernadette must face her dilemma: Should she expose the truth about Kelton in the name of science? Or join him in his battle with the dark forces—in the name of love?

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“Dragons are real.”

The words went through the small room of the restaurant reserved for special meetings like a pistol shot. Today’s meeting was that of the local cryptozoologists.

Keltan wanted to be anywhere but there. Yet, Ulrik had sent him halfway across Scotland to hear whatever Dr. Bernadette Davies had to say about her highly publicized talk about dragons.

Keltan might have been shocked at the sight of her. He’d expected some older woman in her sixties with gray hair, glasses, and at least two chins. Instead, he was met with a vision that actually had his mouth hanging open. Straight black hair parted to one side fell just past her chin that brought attention to her incredible cheek bones. Her large jade eyes met everyone with determination and a calmness that proclaimed she wholly believed everything she was going to talk about.

Her hunter green button-down shirt was willowy, molding tantalizing against her breasts. And the black pants the shirt was tucked into made his mouth water when he caught a glimpse of her perfect derriere.

Keltan had to bite back a groan when he saw the black stilettos she wore. He’d always been a sucker for a woman who wore heels.

But it was the first three words out of her mouth that made him sit up straight and pay attention. A jolt of dread and worry went through him so quick that his stomach roiled viciously.

“We, as cryptozoologists work tirelessly to prove that such creatures exist,” Bernadette continued. “Many of you know for certain that particular creatures you believe in are real. For me, it’s dragons.”

“Do you have proof?” someone asked.

Keltan didn’t look to the voice. He kept his gaze locked on Dr. Davies. Now he wished he hadn’t chosen a seat toward the back. If he’d sat closer, he wouldn’t have to look around the various heads to keep her in view as she walked back and forth.

There was no doubt of the confidence she exhibited. And while there was a chance she was one of the few off her rocker, Keltan didn’t think that was the case. As a Dragon King, he and his brethren at Dreagan had gone to great extremes to hide their true selves from humans.

But a few years ago, the Dark Fae had taken a video of the Dragon Kings in a skirmish with them. The Dark released that video to the world, and speculation about dragons soared overnight – and it had yet to diminish.

Now, humans looked to the sky constantly, making it harder and harder for the Kings to shift, even on the sixty thousand acres where they lived. The magical barrier surrounding Dreagan stopped numerous drones from mortals on a weekly basis trying to see if Dreagan was the home of dragons.

It made every one of the Kings wonder if it was wise to have chosen the double dragon as their logo as well as using the Celtic word for dragon as the name of their whisky.

Ryder, the one King who could create and work any electronic, was the one who used his hacking skills to wipe the video of them from everything. Yet, the curiosity of the humans had been woken. They wanted answers.

(I am part of Amazon , The Book DepositoryFoyles Book Shop , Audible and Waterstones affiliate programmes, which means when you use those links to buy a copy of this book, I will get a (very) small % from the sale.)

Donna is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over forty-five novels. Her most popular series is the breathtaking Dark King (aka Dragon King) series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

In addition to her novels, Donna has written over forty short stories, novellas, and novelettes for digital-first and print release. She has been dubbed as giving the “paranormal genre a burst of fresh air” by the San Francisco Book Review. Her work has been hailed as having “deft plotting and expert characterization” by Publisher’s Weekly and “sizzling” by RT Book Reviews.

She has been recognized with awards from both bookseller and reader contests including the National Reader’s Choice Award, Booksellers Best Award, as well as the coveted K.I.S.S. Award from RT Book Reviews.

Donna travels often for various speaking engagements, conferences, and book signings. She is also a frequent workshop presenter at national conferences such as RT Book Lovers Convention and Thrillerfest, as well as local chapters.

Born and raised in Texas, she also has ties across the border in Louisiana. Growing up with two such vibrant cultures, her Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding. She is never far from her faithful 80 pound dog, Sisko, or her three cats. She can often be found at the movies or bookstore with her children. Or buying makeup. And shoes.

If you want to know more about Donna or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

Visit WEBSITE |  BLOG or connect to her on social media via:

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