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Flora Celebrates…. Beltane May Day (Day 8)

Hello My Lovelies,

It’s Saturday once again and as it’s actually the May Bank holiday weekend I thought I’d share one final song with you.

Rebels and folk musicians, Gaia Consort create a wonderfully, irreverent mix of mysticism and toe tapping song that you just can’t help get carried away on; Secret Voices is another one of those albums that always seems to put me in touch with my spiritual, nature loving side.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my week of Beltane and May Day posts. If you’d like to read any of them again, just search the tag #Beltane at the bottom of the page or click on the Sabbats category. Whatever you are up to, I hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!


Beltane Fires by Gaia Consort

(from their album Secret Voices)


A health to the mothers of the Merry Begotten
A health to the maiden with the firey eyes
A health to the crone that smiles beside us
On the other side of a Beltane Fire

A health to the sweet rain gently falling
Down upon the Earth so fair
A health to the wind that Gails around us
And feeds the passion of a Beltane Fire

A health to the lovley green-eyed Susan
She whose heart is my desire
And after all the May Pole’s rising…
Will you leap with me now o’er a Beltane Fire?

Alternate verse
A health to the acts of love and pleasure
A health to the way the May poles rise
A health to those who bear no children
So those who do come along survive!

Copyright 2000 Christopher Bingham

Eo! The Maiden and the horned one
Eo! The call to spill the seed
Eo! The stirring of the Cauldron
Eo Evohe!

Eo! The Green Man ever present
Eo! The Raven in the wood
Eo! The kisses ripe for tasting
Eo Evohe!

Eo! The rising of the sleepers
Eo! To hear the Pipe at dawn
Eo! The quickening is here
Eo Evohe!

Eo! The sweet rain gently falling
Eo! The seed deep in the Earth
Eo! I hear my lovers calling
Eo Evohe!

Eo! The lusty summer coming
Eo! The green leaf in the bud
Eo! The wild sap is running
Eo Evohe!

Eo! The musky Piper playing
Eo! The One Who Calls the Dance
Eo! The howling earth is saying
Eo Evohe!
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