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Flora Celebrates… Litha, Summer Solstice, Midsummer (Day 4)

Hello My Lovelies,

This is the fourth post about Litha/Summer Solstice/Midsummer in my current theme. All this week, I’m sharing some of the songs that I’ve been known to sing at this time of year as well as images, beautiful creations and snippets of wisdom appropriate for this joyful time of year.

I’d like to share a couple of poems with you today.

First is a Midsummer Poem that we adapted from Teresa Moorey’s “Wheel of the Year” book for our Sabbat celebration back in 2012.

The Wheel is turning to it’s height

Dance, dance for the powers of light

Leaf and bloom and stem up thrust,

Dance for the peak of Nature’s lust

Dance a million Petals unfurl,

Sunlight, colours, shadows all swirl,

Elderflowers, like Summer snow

Dance for the Sun’s commanding glow

Dance, Lady all in white,

Dance for the dark that hides in Light

Dance, Dance and shed no tear

Dance for the merry wheel o’ the year!


And secondly, we used a great many poems from Doreen Valiente during our celebrations over the years, here is the wonderful “King of The Wood” – perfect for this time of year.

King of the Wildwood by Margaret Walty

Greenwood God, we thee invoke, Spirit of the mighty Oak.

As we stand beneath thy tree, may thy blessings on us be.

In it’s leaves a mystic voice, bids the pagan heart rejoice.

May we feel the Living Power, flowing from thee in this hour.


Spirit of the life of earth, through the round of death and birth.

Ever as the year is turning, keep the secret flame a-buring.

Circle round the witches’ fire, heat the cauldron of desire.

Here beneath the windy sky, rear the sacred antlers high.

Dance and stamp with cloven hoof, underneath the starry roof.

Thee the trees and wild things bless, glory to the Wilderness!


Hearken to the Pagan cry, trees shall live when cities die,

Four winds blow their dust away, rain shall turn it into clay,

And the arching rainbow’s sheen, lend the earth it’s emerald green.

Thus it was before man came, and shall ever be the same,

Through all mortal things that be, one immortal destiny.


This we know, beneath thy tree.

One with nature, Blessed Be!

I hope you are enjoying my week of Litha and Midsummer posts. If you’d like to read any of them again, just search the tag #Litha at the bottom of the page or click on the Sabbats category.

Whatever you are up to, I hope you all have a fantastic June!

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