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Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about Angel of Mercy by Lisa Olsen. The first book in her paranormal romance series, The Fallen.

 Angel Of Mercy (The Fallen #1)
Read: 23rd– 25th October 2015
Format: Kindle
My Goodreads Rating:  4 Stars

 What’s Angel Of Mercy about?

This book is the first in Lisa Olsen’s The Fallen Series (It’s listed as a 5 book completed series as I write this) and is an angel paranormal romance novel of about 249 pages which I downloaded from Amazon UK for free. (I do luuuv a bargain!)
The blurb says;
From Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Lisa Olsen – Book One of The Fallen
I don’t know why I got stabbed. I don’t know why I healed overnight.


I don’t know why I keep seeing the same guy in my dreams, on the sidewalk, at the mini-mart near my apartment – the insanely hot guy with the piercing blue eyes that nobody can see but me.

I have to follow him. I have to talk to him.

And he’s not the only one stalking me. That guy with the knife? He’s still out there, and he knows where I live.

I have to know. What am I now? Am I still human? Am I part angel? Or am I something new?

* This is the first book in a completed, five book series about fallen angels and demons, and contains a cliffhanger.


 What did I like about Angel Of Mercy?

I have come across Ms Olsen before; I find her writing style easy to read and I was once again impressed at how quickly she managed to submerge me into her world. All of the characters we met in this book were complex and multi dimensional and I found them all to be very believable. I am not from a religion background so I came into this story with no “baggage” when it comes to angels; what they’re like, what they do, how they interact, what the rules are, etc.  
I found the subtle humour very much to my taste  and I loved Mercy’s very real mix of intelligence and strength and I found myself engaged with her tale from the very beginning; wondering how she was going to go back to her “human” life or if she’d have to abandon it.
I know what it’s like to feel varying degrees of love/lust/friendship with those of the opposite sex but usually I get frustrated with these situations in paranormal romance (PNR) books, however, I liked the way Ms Olsen tackled this very human (fickled) state in this story; we’re lucky here to have a few angels and a human cop to muddy the emotional/romantic waters, all of who are, in my view, able to be our main male heroic lead alongside Mercy.

 Was there anything I didn’t like?

Not really.
Although I will be honest, I wished that the ending hadn’t been a cliff-hanger because, well, it’s frustrating, but I’m sort of ok with that because it’s more of a soft one rather than “oh no Mercy’s plummeting to her death will she survive the 10000ft drop to the bottom of the ravine…” sort of thing, just lots of questions left unanswered and an imminent danger looming. But hey, it is the first book in the series so, of course there will be tons of questions left unanswered, right?!

Basically, what I’m saying is…

I really enjoyed this book, perhaps more than I was expecting due to my usual avoidance of “angel” themed romances. I couldn’t stop reading this book!! 
I’d recommend this book if you like reading paranormal stories based in our contemporary world where the main character has to come to terms with a new ability/lifestyle and where the relationship/romance/sexual tension part is very real to life (I don’t actually jump into bed immediately when I meet a hot new prospect – I do luuv the anticipation and build up though)!
So, have I sparked an interested for Angel Of Mercy in you? Just click on any of the links below and check out the book yourself.
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