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Flora Reviews…. Blood and Sand (Elemental World #2) By Elizabeth Hunter


…So what’s this book about?
Blood and Sand is primarily an urban vampire romance with a horror/mystery plot running along in the background and is the second book in the Elemental World series, a spin-off of the Elemental Mysteries series quartet (A Hidden Fire #1, This Same Earth #2, The Force of Wind #3 and A Fall of Water #4).
We read this story through the eyes of water vampire Baojia and human journalist Natalie Ellis. I think that if you read the Mysteries quartet first it will add an obvious dimension of knowing some of the supporting characters in this book and their relationships/histories as well as the “Elixir” story build up; however, I don’t think that it is essential to enjoy this book.
 …So, what did I like about it?
I am already a big fan of Elizabeth Hunter’s writing style; the clever way she creates characters of such depth and weaves her tale with such believability. I’ve come to expect Ms Hunter’s lead female characters to have strength, intelligence, wit and resilience and Natalie Ellis certainly didn’t let me down. I enjoyed the way that the relationship between Natalie and Baojia developed and that we got to finally see behind the stony façade that Baojia projected in the Elemental Mysteries series.
This story held me from start to finish, I found it a real page turner – couldn’t put it down! I laughed and yes, a few tears did fall on a number of occasions too plus the thriller element to this story had me gripped and on the edge of my seat, the plot’s unexpected twists and turns kept me guessing right to the bitter end! Fantastic!
…So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?
No, not a thing!
…So, basically what I’m saying is…
I really loved this book! I was already intrigued by Baojia and loved finding out what made him tick. Anyone who has already read and enjoyed Giovanni & Beatrice’s story in the Elemental Mysteries series will love Blood and Sand too.

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