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Flora Reviews… Courted by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates #3) by @felicityheaton

Flora Reviews…

Book 3 – Courted by her Cougar

Courted by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates #3) by Felicity Heaton

Read: 3rd – 6th September 2018

Format: Kindle

My Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars


So, before we get into what I thought about this book, I want you to know that I was lucky enough to be given a digital version of this book for free from the author – Felicity Heaton – in exchange for an honest review.

The publication date is, 8th September 2018.

Thanks for the advance reader copy.


So what’s this book about?

Courted by her Cougar is the third novella (approx 163 pages) in Ms Heaton’s new paranormal romance series – Cougar Creek Matesfeaturing four, sexy cougar shifter brothers; Rath, Cobalt, Storm and Flint. Cougar Creek Mates is set in the same world as Ms Heaton’s Vampire Erotic Theatre  series and Eternal Mates series (both paranormal romance series that I can’t recommend enough); a world inhabited by a multitude of supernatural beings, including; shifters of every animal imaginable, elves, demons, vampires,  fallen angels and witches, as well as the human covert organisation, Archangel. Their mandate is to find, study and kill all non-human species that pose a danger to mankind. Although many employees and supporters of the organisation believe anyone who is different poses a threat!

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I don’t post spoilers or reveal plot twists in my book reviews, so here’s what the official blurb has to say about the story:

Madness is sweeping through Cougar Creek, and Flint wants no part of it. The fever has two of his brothers in love already, and Flint is damned if he’s giving up the bachelor life to tie himself to one female, but when a perimeter sweep has him running into an exotic and enthralling beauty who rouses his instincts as a cougar shifter and a male, the hunt is on.

All Yasmin is interested in is making sure her friend, Ivy, is safe, but the alluring black-haired man with a wicked smile she meets on the path to the creek has her thinking about other things. When an incident at Cougar Creek leads to her revealing a secret, and Flint’s persistence pushes her to a rash decision, her entire world is in danger of being turned upside down.

With the gathering in full swing, and males determined to prove their worth to Yasmin, Flint discovers he’s not immune to the madness sweeping through the creek, because he’ll do whatever it takes to claim victory and win Yasmin’s heart… no matter how dangerous it is.

You don’t need to read any of the books in the Eternal Mates series, Vampire Erotic Theatre series or the previous Cougar Creek Mates books to enjoy Courted by her Cougar as Ms Heaton weaves any relevant information about the world and past adventures that the reader needs into this story. I can also confirm that the romance aspect of this tale is concluded to my satisfaction by the end of the book in Ms Heaton’s signature Happy Ever After style.


So, what did I like about it?

I am already a huge fan of Ms Heaton’s writing style; it’s the way she creates a very believable paranormal world and then fills it with complex, multifaceted characters and then inter-weaves their tales against a gripping adventure that draws me in and keeps me gripped. Courted by her Cougar is no exception.

We meet our leading romantic couple during the first couple of chapters and I really liked their complexities. I don’t think that I’m giving anything away, when I say that Courted by her Cougar is a paranormal romance tale, so when our hero, Flint states categorically that “There was no damned way he was going to get caught up in whatever fever was sweeping the creek. No way at all.” I chuckled out loud, we know different, don’t we dear readers. I definitely enjoy a story more if the lead female character is intelligent, resilient and has plenty of gumption and I wasn’t disappointed here; oh my goodness, Yasmin was a great leading lady. We heard about Yasmin in the first book as she’s best friends with Ivy. I already liked her from what I’d learned through Ivy and I’m happy to say she lived up to my expectations and then some.

As I think I’ve said before, one of the reasons why I love Ms Heaton’s books is how she makes the most explicit sex scenes very romantic (I think that it takes a very talented writer to accomplish this), the erotic liaisons in this novella are balanced with beautifully written imagery and poignant internal dialogue from the minds of Flint and Yasmin; the tender insights into their inner fears and emotional confusion throughout this book was heart-warming to read.

I would just like to say that I think Felicity also writes amazing fight scenes; great prose that dumps you right in the middle of the action and a pace and tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I loved that Courted by her Cougar had adrenaline pumping action, tension, shocking twists and heart-warming HEA moments; in short it was the purrr-fect paranormal romance.


So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?

OK, so here’s when I have to be completely honest, yes, I gave it 5 stars but I am continued to be a little miffed about the Neanderthal attitudes of the cougar males in this series but I understand that it’s all part of the animal aspect of these paranormal shifters and decided that it’s not a big enough niggle to lose a star over as our leading males prove that it take more than that to win the hearts of their fated mates.


So, basically what I’m saying is…

I really loved this paranormal romance novella. It’s got everything that I’m looking for in a great story; action, romance, passion, humour and enough titillation to keep me blushing on the bus. I couldn’t put this book down!

As with all of Ms Heaton’s stories, due to the graphic violence and sexual content (it’s definitely steamy), I’d recommend this book to adults who are not offended by content of this nature who are fans of relationship and romance stories with oodles of fire and passion.

So, has my review of COURTED BY HER COUGAR (COUGAR CREEK MATES #3) encouraged you to find out more? Just click on any of the links below to check out the book yourself or to find out more about the author. To see the other books I’ve read, take a look at my profile on Goodreads.


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