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Flora reviews… Dark Dreams (Progeny of Sin #1) by Dawn Treadway and Aaron Speca. My thanks to the publishers (via for the free eBook in exchange for my honest review.

What’s Dark Dreams about?

book cover for Dark Dreams (Progeny of Sin) by Dawn Treadway and Aaron Speca
This is a paranormal romance novel featuring an empathic human female, a muscle-bound hunk of a Djinn and various other species of daemons with three “all-knowing” goddesses thrown in to the mix. 😉 

I hate spoilers. So when I write a review, it’s more about the author’s style rather than what happens in the book.

The Blurb:

The Devil wants his due … The Daemon wants his out … and Jade just wants it all to be over. You don’t always get what you want. 

Jade Shear is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary ability that’s literally about to send her to Hell. When Daemons discover Jade’s power to read and manipulate others true feelings, they force her to assist with the rescue of their sibling; thrusting her from her everyday normality deep into the Underworld with the tall, dark and deliciously demonic Nias Hu’dor assigned as her guide. 

All Nias wants is to live out his life without being involved with anyone else. No more emotion, no more connections, especially to pain in the ass humans. But when he sees Jade twisting a long curl of her wild red hair, and showing off the most amazing backside he’s ever been privy to; Nias just knew he was staring at a world of trouble. How could his family have enlisted him to obtain this girl’s help to traverse Sheol? 

This dark paranormal romance takes you from Jade’s everyday existence into the world of the Djinn Sentry; an army of demonic soldiers determined to protect the human race; and then plummets you straight down into the seething malevolent Underworld where a multi-levelled caste system of Shaitan and the Devil himself welcome you.

Read: 5th – 17th September 2015
Format: Kindle
My Overall Goodreads Rating:  3.5 Stars
As I understand it, Ms Treadway and Mr Speca are busy writing the next book in the
Progeny of Sin series to be published by
HarperImpulseRomance sometime in the future.

What did I like about Dark Dreams?

I really liked the premise of this book; an ordinary (ish) girl thrown into an extraordinary adventure, who finds romance and the value of her own gumption along the way.
I quickly fell in love with our main character Jade; she was intelligent, with a heart
breaking fragility caused by her gift’s (curse) effect on her relationship with others around her but she had courageousness I greatly admired; going into situations to help others despite her own fears.
I used Wikipedia when the story introduced a new species and appreciated the fact
that all the creatures of Sheol can be found in actual mythology; I think that added a further dimension to the world-building and gave it an edge of reality that I liked.
I found myself gripped at times, unable to read fast enough, completely engrossed
in this tale, enjoying both the evolving relationship between Jade and Nias, the pace, twists and turns of the adventure they were on and the development of the background story arc.

Was there anything about the book I didn’t like?

Ms Treadway has mentioned online that she had read both Dante Alighieri’s “Divine
Comedy” and John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and loosely based her levels of Sheol on their ideas. I haven’t read either of these classics and the faith that I live by does not feature a “hell when your soul goes to be eternally punished for a perceived sin” so at times I found this aspect of the story confusing and a little frustrating. However, after a while I decided to view this aspect as I would any other fantasy created world and just accept it as a part of the world-building of this particular story and go with the flow!

Basically, what I’m saying is…

I like this book; you’ve got two strong main characters but both have soft, warm
hearts, a passionate blossoming romance (with both teasing sexual tension as well as graphic sexy scenes this is not a YA tale) and a battle between good and evil. What more do you want from a paranormal romance?! I’m looking forward to seeing where the authors take the story next.
So, have I sparked an interested for Dark Dreams (Progeny of Sin) in you? Just click on the links below and check out the book yourself.
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book cover for Dark Dreams (Progeny of Sin) by Dawn Treadway and Aaron Speca

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