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Flora Reviews… Guardian’s Bond (Ancient Ink #1) by Rhenna Morgan. My thanks to the publisher, HARLEQUIN – Carina Press (via Netgalley), for the advanced eBook in exchange for my candid opinion. The expected publication date is 12th March 2018.

What’s Guardian’s Bond about?

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ARC Review: Guardian’s Bond (Ancient Ink #1) by Rhenna Morgan @RhennaMorganMy Rating:
Title: Guardian's Bond by Rhenna Morgan
Series: Ancient Ink #1
Published by Carina Press on 12 March, 2018
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance
Narrator: Nicole Poole
Length: 9 hours 31 minutes
No. of Pages: 274

Priest Rahandras has lived with the darkness trapped inside himself for years. Betrayed by his own brother and forced to watch his clan’s brutal annihilation, the only thing Priest wants more than to escape the curse that haunts him—as both man and beast—is to rebuild.

Until the mate he’s longed for walks into his life with an elder from his past. She’s everything he’s wished for, and the key to the clan’s very survival.

Kateri Falsen is a woman of logic and facts. While Priest’s cat can sense her arousal, telling her they’re fated won’t be enough. He’ll have to show her his love: with his words, with his actions and with his body.

Protecting Kateri from the evil trapped inside him is paramount. But when lost clan members are systematically murdered, he’ll have to choose between exposing his mate to his black magic, or risking her as the next victim.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!
Edited by Angela James

Source: ARC

I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review. This doesn't affect my opinion of the book or influence the content of my review.

Review Format: eBook, Audiobook
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Read: 13th – 16th February 2018

Guardian’s Bond is the first book in a new paranormal romance series, Ancient Ink. Contemporary and fantasy romance author, Rhenna Morgan has created a new twist to the shapeshifter genre – the Volán.

 What did I like about Guardian’s Bond?

Rhenna Morgan is a new-to-me author. I found her writing style very easy to read, her plot intelligent and engaging throughout and the pace perfect. I loved the way Ms Morgan built her world and the way she gave us that information, weaving it beautifully into this intriguing story without hindering the pace. The clans she created in her new shifter race, their mythology, her interpretation on the shifter genre and the balance and symbiotic relationship she created between the Voláns and their and companion animals.

Guardian’s Bond is welcome breath of fresh air in a crowded genre.

I loved our main romantic couple. Eeikki Rahandras (aka Priest) is our alpha male. He’s a powerful magic-wielding shape-shifting High Priest of his clan and in charge of guiding and protecting them. I loved his dominant but caring nature. Kateri Falsen (aka Katy) is an intelligent blonde beauty with a logical scientific mind who has been sheltered from her heritage. However, she’s forced to begin a journey of self-discovery after her parents are brutally murdered. I loved her resilience and gumption. In fact, I felt that all of the characters in this book were so well written that I was able to connect effortlessly. Even the clan members that only briefly appeared captured my interest.

Ok, so if you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll know that I do love passionate, titillating paranormal romance stories.

Yes, there is sex in this story, some quite explicit stuff actually. However, it’s the sexual tension and anticipation that Ms Morgan built between Priest and Katy that I loved the most. It felt natural, perfectly paced, there was just the right balance of banter, burning passionate words and heated touches.  When we finally got to the first fantastically written sex scene; I was breathless. Ms Morgan had built the anticipation perfectly, my emotional connection to her characters complete.

This book had me gripped.

I loved the new twists Ms Morgan gave her shifters’ world. The tension she built as the threat of the darkness and the mysteries of the murders crept ever closer. Also loving how the anticipation grew between Priest and Katy and the emotional rollercoaster of facing your true self – warts and all.

Was there anything I didn’t like?

No not really.

Guardian’s Bond is the first book in a new series. They are not stand-alone tales, so yes I think this book got us off to a great start. It answered enough questions to satisfy the main mysteries and the romance aspect between Priest and Katy. However, enough was left to solve in the subsequent books to make you want to keep reading. A good way to end the first book in a new series without life or death scenario cliffhangers.

Basically, what I’m saying is…

I really enjoyed this breathtaking paranormal romance.

Guardian’s Bond had everything that I look for in a 5-star book. Intelligent writing style that’s easy to read, main characters with depth of personality that I can like (or love to hate) and believe in, depth of character in the supporting cast, believable background story/setting (even when there’s magic and the supernatural involved) and a balanced mix of relationship – platonic or romance – scenes to scenes with action. I look forward to reading Elise and Tate’s story in book 2.

Content Warning:

There are scenes of explicit sexual content and graphic violence in this book. Therefore, I’d only recommend it to adults who aren’t offended by scenes of this sort.

I’d recommend this book to adults who are fans of relationship and romance stories with a good amount of fire and passion.

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About Rhenna Morgan

Author - Rhenna Morgan

A native Oklahoman with two beautiful girls, Rhenna Morgan is a certified romance junkie and has a resume that reflects her passion for new experiences. Since graduating with a Bachelors in Radio, Television, and Film at Oklahoma State, she’s racked up positions ranging from on-air radio talent, skip tracer, and promotions director, to real estate agent, project manager, and business analyst.

Like most women, she’s got obligations stacked tight from dawn to dusk. To combat the crush of reality, she’s turned to romance as her primary source of escape ever since she cracked the spine on her first Christine Feehan book years ago. Whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy you’re after, Rhenna’s stories pack new, exciting worlds, and strong, intuitive men who fight to keep the women they want.

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  1. […] Rhenna Morgan is a new-to-me author but the synopsis of this book caught my attention while browsing titles on NetGalley. I wasn’t disappointed. I was given an advanced reader copy of Guardian’s Bond from the publisher and absolutely loved it; it’s got such a great mix of action, mystery and humour that it kept me gripped (read my review here). […]

  2. […] Rhenna Morgan is a new-to-me author but the synopsis of this book caught my attention while browsing titles on NetGalley. I wasn’t disappointed. I was given an advanced reader copy of Guardian’s Bond from the publisher and absolutely loved it; it’s got such a great mix of action, mystery and humour that it kept me gripped (read my review here). […]

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