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Flora Reviews… Masked Possession by Alana Delacroix

Flora Reviews…

Masked Possession (The Masked Arcana #1)

by Alana Delacroix


Read: 7th – 9th August 2017

Format: Kindle

My Goodreads Rating:  5 Stars


So, before we get into what I thought about this book, I want you to know that I was lucky enough to be given a digital version of this book for free from the publisher (Kensington Books) after making a request via in exchange for an honest review. Thanks for the advance copy.

The publication date was 8th August 2017.


…So what’s this book about?

Masked Possession is the first book (approx 272 pages) in a new paranormal romance series, book 2 Masked Desire is expected to be published in spring 2018. I feel that Masked Possession is a paranormal romance that would happily sit in the adult genre due to some of the 18+ content; the story features new to me beings called the Masquerada – a species of supernaturals who can shift, masque, into a number of other personas depending on their power level, live for about a 1000 years, are egocentric and arrogant and have a total lack of empathy for humans – as well as vampires, fae, merpeople and other supernaturals all secretly living in our human world.

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I don’t post spoilers of any kind or reveal any plot twists in my book reviews, so here’s what the official blurb has to say about the story:

A Man Who Can Wear Any Face

Caro Yeats doesn’t run from much. As a former investigative reporter now working PR for Toronto’s supernaturals, what she hasn’t seen mostly isn’t worth seeing. But the assignment to “rebrand” Eric Kelton’s out-of-control alter egos has her on edge from the start. Kelton is the heirarch of the Masquerada, beings able to change their face—their entire persona—on a whim. Eric’s charisma muddles her instincts. How can she trust a man who can become anybody?

A Woman Without A Past

Eric has never met anyone like Caro, with her lightning wit and uncanny insight. But desirable as she is, he’d be a fool to let her near. Struggling to hide the sudden loss of his powers, Eric can’t risk becoming entangled with a woman who scorns her supernatural side and claims not to play politics. The enemies on her trail are strong, clever, and vicious. And when they force Eric and Caro together, the fallout could shatter far more than two hearts . . .

 …So, what did I like about it?

Alana Delacroix is a new-to-me author who managed to create a new unique world that captured my imagination. I found her writing style very easy to read and enjoyed the way she grew her plot; I loved the idea of a PR company for supernaturals and I found the Masquerada and their place in the supernatural world an interesting idea and a refreshing change from the usual vampires/fae/shifters.

I loved that Ms Delacroix wrote her characters with the complexities that we’d see in the people around us; our main characters, Caro and Eric, had a good balance of strengths and insecurities to make them feel real.  I also loved the fact that the secondary characters were developed and had strong, memorable personalities; they weren’t just filling the page.

I can happily confirm that there is no cliffhanger at the end of this book *phew* and it seems there are plenty of stories within this new paranormal world; the series continues with, Masked Desire, the first chapter of which is at the end of this book.

Masked Possession managed to surprise me a couple of times, had me reaching for the tissues *sniff*, recoiling in horror, giggling out loud and I can’t tell you how many times the temperature seemed to mount while reading certain scenes too! *blush* Throughout this book, I found myself desperate to find out what would happen next, staying up late to finish just one more chapter, in other words I was gripped!


…So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?

It’s only a small niggle but I have to admit that some of the character traits exhibited in this book had me growling at the page at times. I’m not a big fan of the prolonged “I hate you Lassie. Leave me alone.” sorta thing; however I understand that sometimes these phases are what the story needs for character growth and development.


…So, basically what I’m saying is…

I loved this book! Great world building, multi dimensional strong characters and a gripping background story! It’s a tale of prejudices, secret histories & hidden enemies, fighting your inner demons as well as battling real life foe but running through all of that – it’s a passionate rollercoaster of a love story. I have already added book 2, Masked Desire, to my Amazon wish list.

Due to the sexual content, I’d recommend this book to adults only – it’s definitely steamy – who are fans of relationship and romance stories that feature some darker themes.

So, has my review of MASKED POSSESSION (THE MASKED ARCANA #1) encouraged you to find out more? Just click on any of the links below to check out the book yourself, find out more about the author or to see the other books I’ve read, take a look at my profile on Goodreads.


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