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Flora Reviews… Profiling Nathan (Romancing The Guardians #5) by LYN HORNER. My thanks to the publisher, BooksGoSocial, (via Netgalley) for the eBook in exchange for my candid opinion.

So what’s Profiling Nathan about?

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Profiling Nathan (Romancing The Guardians #5) by Lyn Horner – ARC ReviewMy Rating:
Title: Profiling Nathan by Lyn Horner
Series: Romancing the Guardians #5
Published by Self-Published on 24 October, 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance (PNR), Thriller
No. of Pages: 144

Nathan Maguire is a Guardian of Danu, and he possesses a deadly psychic gift. He also has a checkered past. As a young man, he spent time in prison, where he learned the rudiments of tattooing, a skill he has built into a successful business in Tampa, Florida. He’s content with his life – until a beautiful FBI profiler walks into his shop.

Talia Werner has come to deliver an urgent message from one of the other Guardians. The trouble is no one outside that select group is supposed to know they exist. Nate doesn’t believe Talia and suspects she is up to no-good. Meanwhile, she finds out a woman was brutally murdered not far from Nate’s shop. This is the third such killing in the past two months. A serial killer is loose in Tampa.

Working with the police, Talia discovers all three of the victims bore a blue butterfly tattoo, one of Nate’s designs. Suspicion falls on him but quickly points to other tattoo artists. Enlisting his aid in meeting and interviewing them, Talia develops a growing attraction to the man, who isn’t at all what he seems to be on the surface. Nate returns her feelings and their relationship heats up.

However, the killer is still on the hunt, and he knows Talia is after him. Will the stubborn woman accept Nate’s protection or will she be the murderer’s next victim?

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Read: 31st December 2017 – 1st January 2018

The publication date was 24th October 2016.

Profiling Nathan is a paranormal romance novel set in modern-day America. It’s the fifth book in Ms Horner’s Romancing The Guardians series. I feel it would sit happily in the contemporary romance genre too.

 So, what did I like about Profiling Nathan?

Lyn Horner is a new-to-me author. I found her writing style easy to read and enjoyed the way she paced the plot. The opening chapter is good at setting the scene. It introduces us to our two main characters and gives us glimpses into their personalities. The serial killer aspect of the plot is also started in the first chapter.

Primarily, this is a romance story.

I loved the journey that our main couple, Nathan and Talia (Tally), went on. The obstacles put in their way, both real and perceived, together with the internal and external influences added depth. I loved this complexity and was happy to see it in this romance.

I liked the contemporary romance feel of this story.

The mix of humour and action was good. The banter between Nate and Talia made me smile – as a Brit, I do love a bit of well-placed banter.  There is sexual tension from the off too which I liked. I appreciated the way that Nate and Talia’s relationship grew, building the anticipation for when they finally came together.  Which leads me on onto the sex, which in my opinion, was good. Enough explicitly descriptive prose to let you get caught up in the passion, without being unnecessarily crude.

So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?

Dislike is too harsh a description in this instance. There wasn’t anything in particular about this story that I disliked. However, there were a few things that niggled me enough to affect my star rating.

Firstly, I knew who the serial killer was by the end of the second chapter. 🙁

On the plus side the romance aspect was cute enough to remind me that this is a paranormal romance not a crime, thriller or horror story.

Secondly, although this is sold as a paranormal romance, there aren’t many paranormal goings-on in this book.

I was completely in the dark as to what or who Nate is exactly (especially having not read the previous Guardians books). There was only one tiny scene when Nate was confronting Ortiz that hinted at him having “something” that meant he could handle himself in dangerous situations but nothing specific describing anything “paranormal” until past 75% of the way through the book.

And finally, although I liked the contemporary romance feel of this story, I didn’t feel emotionally connected to our romantic couple.

It’s hard to put my finger on why. I didn’t invest myself in them enough to want to continue with the next book.

I haven’t read the previous books in this series. In my opinion, Profiling Nathan could be read as a standalone story; both the romance aspect of the tale between Nate and Talia and the serial killer mystery is concluded by the end of this book, yes, there are underlying plot lines that have started in previous books and continue past this one. However, Ms Horner manages to weave any pertinent information into this story so that her new readers don’t get lost. Having said that, I must admit that I feel that I may have missed the nuances of going through the previous adventures, experiencing those past romances and getting the know the Guardians before reading Profiling Nathan.

So, basically what I’m saying is…

This is a nice romance story set against a simple murder mystery with a sprinkling of hot passion and a smidgen of the paranormal thrown in. I would recommend this book to those readers who enjoy this sort of mix.

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I love paranormal romance stories. As I said, this book was a bit light on the paranormal. Before you go, check out some tremendous paranormal romance reads that have oodles of paranormal. 😉

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