Flora Reviews… Summoning A Dragon by Lori Whyte

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Flora Reviews… Summoning A Dragon by Lori Whyte

What’s Summoning A Dragon about?

Flora Reviews… Summoning A Dragon by Lori WhyteMy Rating:
Title: Summoning A Dragon by Lori Whyte
Series: Standalone Novella
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance

A little unexpected magic might be just what he needs to find his mate…

When a self-proclaimed wizard decides to summon a dragon on a blustery winter solstice, Lisa’s roommate drags her to the event. She’s happy to discover Malcolm, the sexy Scotsman she’s been drooling over, at the gathering too. The attraction between them is palpable… until the strange magic spell sweeps over them and inexplicable things start to happen.

But dragons aren’t real, are they?

And, more importantly, how can she still be drawn to Malcolm after discovering he might actually be a mythical creature?

This is a standalone Christmas story.
**Please note: This short Christmas story was first published exclusively in the Love is... Winter Romance anthology in December 2016.**

Source: Gift
Review Format: eBook

Read: 6th – 7th October 2018

I was given a digital version of this book for free from the author (Lori Whyte) via in exchange for signing up to her newsletter.

Thanks for the freebie.

Summoning A Dragon is a short standalone paranormal romance novella set in modern-day Scotland featuring a dragon shapeshifter and the human woman he’s set his heart on.

What did I like about Summoning A Dragon?

Lori Whyte is a-new-to-me author. I got this story for free by signing up for Ms Whyte’s newsletter. It was quite some time ago but I’m so glad that I finally got around to reading it. I found this short novella engaging and very easy to read. I liked Ms Whyte’s writing style and the cute premise of this tale. The fact that her main romantic couple, Malcolm and Lisa, had fancied each other for the previous few months before the setting for this novella was lovely. It meant that Ms Whyte didn’t rely on an insta-love situation but cleverly implied that we’d just missed a lot of the build-up to the romance; the stolen glances, the fluttering hearts, the secret smiles.

I do enjoy a bit of smut every now and then. 😉

The sex scene here is not the most explicit one I’ve read. However, I did find myself swept away with Malcolm and Lisa as the story is certainly not lacking in passion.

I understand that in a novella sized story, the word count is vitally important. Therefore, an author has to decide what will progress their tale. I liked both of our main characters – Malcolm Drake and Lisa Olsen – their personality traits engaged me from the start. I would definitely read other stories about this Scottish dragon-shifting family.

Summoning A Dragon didn’t make me shed any tears. However, it did put a few smiles on my face and I definitely felt the titillating tingles. Yes, it is short but it’s well written, sweet with a wee bit of sex, oodles of sexual anticipation and passion and a beautiful HEA ending.

Was there anything I didn’t like about it?

I really did enjoy this book. The only reason that I didn’t rate it 5 stars was its length. I feel uncomfortable giving such a short novella 5 stars as there wasn’t enough time (pages) for character development.

Basically, what I’m saying is…

I think that Summoning A Dragon is a classic feel-good paranormal romance story. I’d recommend it to fans of quick romance reads with a paranormal theme.

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About Lori Whyte

Author - Lori Whyte

I was a long time paranormal romance fan before I started writing them. I love the strong heroes who are just “a little bit more”, who challenge the women in their lives, and who treasure and protect their heroines.

My husband isn’t supernatural, but he is Scottish and sometimes that is the same thing. We live in Alberta and the landscapes around me often play a role in my stories. We also have two cats who entertain us everyday.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts about this festive novella.

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