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Flora Reviews… The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston

The Silver Witch 
Read: 26th– 2nd November 2015
Format: Kindle
My Goodreads Rating:  5 Stars
…So what’s this book about?
This is a beautifully written paranormal tale that spans the ages. It has romance, mystery and danger with a duel plot that connects an ancient Welsh Celtic seer/shaman/witch and a modern day ceramics artist looking to find herself after the tragic death of her new husband.
Although this book is listed on Amazon as the third book in Ms Brackston’s “Shadow Chronicles”, it can be read as a standalone title.
The blurb says:

My mind is like the willow; it flexes and springs. My heart is a knot of oak. Let them try to wound me. Let them try.

One year after artist Tilda Forwells loses her husband, she is finally ready to move into the secluded Welsh cottage they were meant to be sharing together.

In the valley below her mountain home is a mystical lake which inspires a strange energy in her. She starts to experience potent dreams, visions, presentiments which all lead her to Seren, the witch and shaman who legend has it lived on this lakeshore in Celtic times.

As Tilda explores the lake’s powers and her own, her connection to Seren grows stronger. And when she comes under grave threat, she must rely on Seren and this ancient magic to save her.

Although this book is already available digitally and in paperback in Canada and USA, it’s not being published in UK and Australia until 3rd December 2015 but I was lucky enough to be given a digital copy for free from the publisher (Little, Brown Book Group UK) via in exchange for a fair review. 
Thank you very much.
 …So, what did I like about it?
I haven’t read any of Ms Brackston’s previous books but I found myself captivated with her beautiful and descriptive use of language. I liked the way that this intriguing tale was told from both of our heroine’s perspectives (Tilda in the here and now and Seren in the Celtic past) and felt that the sad scenes, tense scenes, mysterious scenes and romantic ones were all written particularly well giving us a good balanced plot, with a sprinkle of humour thrown into the mix.
Although this is a work of fiction, the attention to historic detail and the care that was obviously taken when writing her characters made Ms Brackston’s world and the people in it feel very real to me.
I loved the way the story kept us guessing in both the Celtic past and Welsh present; how were the worlds connected? Who was buried in the unmarked grave? What became of Seren and would Tilda solve the mystery in time to have her happily ever after?
…So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?
No (hence the 5 star review).
I have read reviews that complained of a slow start but I enjoyed the gentle way in which Tilda and Seren’s stories were revealed and how the mystery and subsequent danger gradually built, it’s reminiscent of our great literary heroes and the classics that have endured the test of time.
…So, basically what I’m saying is…
No cliff-hangers, a self contained story within one book; a good mystery, a lovely romance, paranormal happenings and all my questions answered by the end. I’ve loved reading this book!  
I would recommend this book to fans of mystery stories, historical fiction and paranormal tales as well as readers of YA novels too as there is no explicit sexual content and only a handful of expletives.
So, have I sparked an interested for THE SILVER WITCH in you? 
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