ARC Review: The Warrior Vampire (Last True Vampire #2) by Kate Baxter

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Flora Reviews… The Warrior Vampire (Last True Vampire #2) by Kate Baxter. My thanks to the UK  publishers Headline Eternal (via Netgalley) for the advanced ebook.

What’s The Warrior Vampire about?

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ARC Review: The Warrior Vampire (Last True Vampire #2) by Kate BaxterMy Rating:
Title: The Warrior Vampire by Kate Baxter
Series: Last True Vampire #2
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on 1 December, 2015
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance
No. of Pages: 384

The vampire was built for sin, every inch of him tight and bulky with corded muscle. A killer, that much was apparent, and she couldn't help but wonder if his appetite for violence would rival his appetites for other...things.


Naya Morales is no ordinary mortal. Born with a shaman's power, she has devoted her life to tracking down stolen magic—and punishing those who take it. But one fateful night, she follows the alluring call of a sensual magic that is too glorious to be true—and finds herself face to face with a stunningly handsome thief who is too magnificent to resist...


From the moment he sees her, Ronan knows Naya is his mate. Driven by a deep, almost mystical connection, he aches for her body, hungers for her blood, and swears their souls are anchored together. Naya refuses to believe the words of a vampire—or risk the wrath of her tribe. But when she tries to make Ronan her prisoner, neither chains of silver nor fires of hell can help her escape the truth: she is the one who's been captured...

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Review Format: eBook
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Read: 14th – 19th December 2015

Published: 1st December 2015

What did I like about The Warrior Vampire?

I found Ms Baxter’s writing style very easy to read. Never feeling lost being introduced to Naya’s world of demonic slayers, the Bororo Tribe, in this book. I find Kate’s world-building very good and enjoy the new twists to the genre that she brings with this series. The idea of all Vampires’ memories being connected (The Collective), the part that the Dhampiri (vampire half-breeds) play and their relationship to the True Vampires and the Bororo Tribe’s ancient duty to protect innocents from malicious magic.

Those of you who have read my reviews before know that I’m an old romantic at heart.

Therefore, the “two halves of one soul reunited” love story part of this tale satisfied my mushy side. However, it was the real relationship doubts and insecurities being exposed and explored that added a very real and contemporary romance element to this tale. We were kept guessing if Naya and Ronan would ever get their happily ever after.

The balance between tense scenes, action scenes and sexual scenes was good.

As a modern woman, I was irritated by the “traditional values” of Naya’s pod (the term for her local Bororo Tribe clan). I was growling at my Kindle a number of times reading this story. However, I loved when the temperature rose while reading certain scenes too! *blush*

Was there anything I didn’t like about it?

In a word – nope. 😉

I was completely captivated by Naya and Ronan’s trying romance. However, this story didn’t take the direction that I was expecting. I love it when an author can surprise me.

Basically, what I’m saying is…

I really loved this amazing novel, I think it has it all. Relationship and family drama, mystery, action and lots of thrills when tracking demons, fighting and passionate sex scenes! Woohoo!

Content Warning:

There are scenes of explicit sexual content and graphic violence in this book. Therefore, I’d only recommend it to adults who aren’t offended by scenes of this sort.

I’d recommend The Warrior Vampire to fans of adult paranormal romance. Readers who want their heroines to be intelligent, witty and independent. Heroes who are strong, sexy with a big heart waiting to be unleashed. Read this if you’ve enjoyed the “destined soul mate” theme of Felicity Heaton’s Eternal Mates Series or Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guardians Series.

I hope I’ve lit a spark of interest for The Warrior Vampire. Click my links and check it out yourself. Keep reading to find out more about the Last True Vampire series and its author.

Last True Vampire by Kate Baxter

This is an adult paranormal romance series about vampires, half breed vampires called Dhampiri, vampire slayers, witches and other creatures that go bump in the night.

Each book is centred around a new romantic couple, while the story of rebuilding the vampire race and the fight to survive, evolves and continues as the backdrop to the romance.

Books in the Series

Amazon UK ¦ Amazon US ¦ Book Depository

About Kate Baxter

Author Kate Baxter

Kate Baxter is a die-hard romantic with a thing for Shakespeare. She lives in the great northwest where she hides away to write about all things fanged, furry, and undead. She's the author of the Last True Vampire series.


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