ARC Review: Things She’s Seen (Northern Circle Coven #2) by Pat Esden

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Flora reviews… Things She’s Seen (Northern Circle Coven Series #2) by Pat Esden

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ARC Review: Things She’s Seen (Northern Circle Coven #2) by Pat EsdenMy Rating:
Title: Things She's Seen by Pat Esden
Series: Northern Circle Coven #2
Published by Kensington Publishing Genres: New Adult (NA), Paranormal Romance (PNR), Young Adult (YA)
No. of Pages: 220

The coven’s under investigation. Its future is in peril. And for one troubled young psychic, the coming battle will threaten her newfound freedom—and brings back a dangerous desire . . .

Exploited as a child medium, Emily Adams escaped to grow up on the streets—and hit rock-bottom. She took shelter with the prestigious Northern Circle, intent on staying only long enough to get back on her feet. But the Circle is still reeling from a devastating supernatural attack and betrayal. And vengeful High Council of Witches investigator Gar Remillard is determined to make Em surrender the truth—and disband the Circle forever.

When Em’s psychic ability allows her to see Gar is haunted by a formidable ghost, her attempts to free him challenge Gar’s rugged French Canadian heart and rancorous loup-garou instincts. But even as their new alliance and past connection kindles into raging desire, a malevolent force rises up to destroy them—the Circle and even the High Council.

With all she’s grown to love on the line, Em must draw on her darkest nightmares and alliances with the dead to outwit and out magic a force who can imprison souls with a flick of the fingers and command legions of wraiths with one word. . .

Source: ARC

I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review. This doesn't affect my opinion of the book or influence the content of my review.

Review Format: eBook
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Read: 23rd – 27th October 2019

Publication Date: 22nd October 2019

My Overall Rating: 3/5

Plot: 4/5 – Flow: 4/5 – Character Development: 3/5 – World Building: 3/5

Quote from Things She’s Seen

I walked in the mist between worlds,

a ghost among the dead,

a child more lost than those I freed.

– Journal of Emily Adams. New Dawn House. Abany, New York.”

So, what’s Things She’s Seen about?

Things She’s Seen would sit happily in the fantasy or paranormal romance genres. The full-time members of Vermont based Northern Circle coven are Devlin, Brooklyn and Chandler. Chloe, Midas and Emily having recently passed their initiation into the coven as part of the story in the first book His Dark Magic. Although Things She’s Seen is book 2, I don’t think you have to have read Book 1 to enjoy this one.

So, what did I like about it?

Pat Esden is a new-to-me author. I thought this book was good and I really enjoyed her writing style. I liked the world that she created; the politics, hierarchy and laws of the witching world. Esden’s story-telling skills are very good. The pace that this plot developed, at times, had me holding my breath and the prose she used perfectly described each scene – even the gruesome ones that are still stuck in my head. 😉

I liked that the mystery aspect of this story kept me gripped.

Although I didn’t experience the breadth of emotions that I was hoping for, Things She’s Seen still managed to elicit some emotions. It shocked me, made me angry and I even felt a tear trickle down my cheek during one particularly poignant scene.

I like the way that Ms Esden crafted her plot so that many of the main story threads have a satisfactory resolution by the end of this book. However, as expected, this is only the second book in a new series so you should be prepared for some of the background issues to be left awaiting resolution. 

Was there anything I disliked about Things She’s Seen?

I think that this is a good story. However, I feel I need to explain what didn’t work for me.

My main issue was with our young protagonist.

OK, Emily Adams is actually in her twenties so some of you may not class her as young – I found her actions and thoughts too angsty, teen melodramatic for my middle-aged sensibilities. Ms Esden did ensure that Em’s character grew and developed slightly as the story progressed and I do understand how her life experiences impacted on her personality, however, her growth/change during this book wasn’t enough for my tastes.

So, basically what I’m saying is…

I think Things She’s Seen is a good paranormal or urban fantasy romance story.

It has all the aspects that I’m looking for; great writing style, a gripping plot with a good balance of mystery and action and a collection of well-written characters that feel believable.

Although there are no explicit sex scenes, due to the nature of the story-lines and the graphic violence in this book, I’d recommend Things She’s Seen to readers who are not offended by content of this nature. Especially those who are fans of relationship, family and romance tales with grittier aspects within the mystery paranormal genre.

So, has my review of THINGS SHE’S SEEN (NORTHERN CIRCLE COVEN #2) encouraged you to find out more? I hope it has. Just click on any of the links to check out the book yourself or to find out more about the author.

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Although this one didn’t have me gushing with love, I hope that my review has tempted you to find out more about Things She’s Seen. Possibly even add it to your ever-growing TBR pile. 😉

Flora x

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