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Flora Reviews… Unchained by a Forbidden Love (Eternal Mates #15) by Felicity Heaton

Flora Reviews…

Unchained by a Forbidden Love (Eternal Mates #15)

by Felicity Heaton


Read: 2nd – 7th January 2018

Format: Kindle

My Goodreads Rating:  4 Stars


So, before we get into what I thought about this book, I want you to know that I was lucky enough to be given a digital version of this book for free from the author, Felicity Heaton in exchange for an honest review. The publication date was, 14th December 2017.

Thanks for the advance reader copy.


So what’s this book about?

Unchained by a Forbidden Love is a paranormal romance novel (approx 330 pages) and is the latest book in Ms Heaton’s Eternal Mates series. The series is set in the same world as Ms Heaton’s Vampire Erotic Theatre  series and a multitude of different paranormal beings inhabit Ms Heaton’s world including; vampires, various species of fae such as elves, sirens, incubi and succubae, fallen angels as well as heavenly angels, demons, wraiths, phantoms, magic users such as witches, sorcerers and mages and, of course, shapeshifters of every species imaginable.

You don’t need to read any of the previous books in either the Eternal Mates series or Vampire Erotic Theatre series to enjoy Unchained by a Forbidden Love as Ms Heaton weaves any relevant information into this story; however, I would like to point out that as with most books within a well established series, you may miss the nuances of experiencing past relationships and adventures when reading this book as a standalone story.

Now, as with all of the books in this series, the romance aspect between Fuery and Shaia is concluded by the end of the book in Ms Heaton’s signature Happy Ever After style, so no nasty cliffhangers wondering will they, won’t they? Woop! Woop!

As my regular followers will know, I never post any spoilers or reveal plot twists in my reviews, so this is what the official blurb has to say about the story:

Lost to the darkness, Fuery wages a daily war against the corruption that lives within him, constantly in danger of slipping into the black abyss and becoming the monster all elves fear. Work as an assassin gives him purpose, but what reason is there to go on when he killed the light of his life—his fated mate?

Shaia has spent forty-two centuries mourning her mate. Tired and worn down, she agrees to wed a male of her family’s choosing, following tradition that has always bound her as a female and hoping she will be able to gain just a little freedom in return. But as she resigns herself to being the mate of a male she could never love, fate places an old friend in her path—one who tells her that her lost love is alive.

Will Shaia find the courage to break with tradition and leave the elf kingdom in search of her mate? And as a ray of light pierces his soul again, can Fuery find the strength to win his battle against the darkness or will it devour him and that light of their forbidden love forever?


So, what did I like about it?

I’m already a big fan of Ms Heaton’s writing style (I think I’ve mentioned that before. Lol!); it’s the way she creates a very believable paranormal world and then packs it with multifaceted characters with very real human foibles and weaves their stories around an engaging background arc that it just draws me in. Unchained by a Forbidden Love did not let me down.

I enjoyed the dilemma aspect of this romance tale – following your heart to your fated mate or living to the rules society demands; both Fuery and Shaia feel the weight of their positions within the elven world and the customs set in stone for millennia.

What a tortured soul Fuery is, we have met in before in previous books; there are various scenes throughout the Eternal Mates series where this skilled if somewhat crazed assassin appears and I already felt for him even without knowing what event had sent him spiralling towards the abyss of madness – I loved getting beneath that wild, killer exterior at last and reading his story.

It’s unusual in this series to have both our leads to be fighting the darkness; with Furey it’s the darkness of being tainted and Shaia’s darkness comes in the form of depression. I’ve got to be honest and confess that to begin with I wasn’t sure I liked Shaia; I wondered whether she had the strength, resilience and gumption that I love to see in a female lead.

I need to confess that one of the reasons why I love Ms Heaton’s books so much is the sex; she makes the most explicit sexual scenes very romantic (I think that it takes a very talented writer to accomplish this), these erotic interludes are balanced beautifully with heartfelt imagery and poignant internal dialogue from our main romantic pair; it’s these tender insights into Fuery and Shaia’s inner fears, their doubts and the emotional turmoil throughout this book that captivated my heart.

I loved the build-up of sexual anticipation, the passionate sex scenes, the edge-of-your-seat fight scenes, I was a blubbering mess during the tender/sad scenes and I chuckled out loud at the humour; I was gripped from the first page to the last and couldn’t stop reading!


…So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it?

Now, I’ve got to be honest, a great deal of this novel reads like a historical romance (almost the first half); a genre that is not my cup of tea. Ms Heaton has drafted her elf society with many similarities to the 17th/18th centuries and I did struggle; my modern sensibilities were fighting against the constraints and as a consequence, I felt my understanding and empathy lacking at times 🙁


…So, basically what I’m saying is…

I really enjoyed this paranormal romance story! It’s got everything that I’m looking for in a great book; action, romance, humour, passion and well written erotic sex scenes. Couldn’t stop reading this book!

As with all of Ms Heaton’s books, due to the graphic violence and sexual content – it’s definitely steamy – I’d recommend this book to adults only who are fans of relationship and romance stories with oodles of fire and passion.

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