There is nothing more heart-warming, than when a client wants to shout from the rooftops about the service they’ve received.

Here are that testimonials that I have received from my clients about my professional Beta Reading Service.

Flora is a beta reader par excellence. Not only for her knowledge of grammatical tripwires and the cunning spelling errors that can slip under the radar of even Grammarly, but because of her depth of understanding of plot devices, character drawing and a story’s emotional terrain.

When analysing my manuscript, Flora spotted every nuance and note I was trying to hit. Her feedback was of immense help even in the way in which I wrote the book description, and inspired me to write a better sequel than I would otherwise have done. Delivering her input with kindness and professionalism, Flora is the soul of tact, and steers rather than roadblocks, channels rather than dams. Flora is a rare gem in the bedrock of the publishing planet. Do not on any account allow your feral manuscript loose on the public before it has been tamed by Flora.

Holly Bell ~ October 2019

Flora is a superb beta reader, who goes above and beyond in delivering insightful and helpful feedback. She has a brilliant eye for detail, including plot inconsistencies and flawed characterisations. She is professional, with a quick turnaround, and I trust her work completely. I whole heartedly recommended and will be using her service for my future novels.

Victoria DeLuis ~ September 2019

I have just had the privilege of having Flora professionally beta-read-edit my third novel.

The service that I received was beyond what I expected, thorough and thoughtful, detailed and insightful. Her notes are a delight to read and deploy, written so good-naturedly that any author urge to hold on to every precious word is soon abandoned in favour of flow and clarity.

Over my, albeit brief, novel-writing career, I have developed absolute trust in Flora’s literary judgement. If Flora says, this sentence is clunky, I de-clunk, if Flora says, re-write this, I re-write it. Every observation was spot on. Flora sees the trees as well as the wood. I highly recommend you seek out Flora’s services for your next work, and I look forward to working with her for many books to come

Holly Bell ~ April 2019