Mini Review: Custodian (Elemental Paladins #5) by Montana Ash

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Hello Avid Readers. Today I’m sharing my thoughts about Custodian by Montana Ash. Book 5 in her highly addictive adult paranormal romance series, Elemental Paladins.

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Mini Review: Custodian (Elemental Paladins #5) by Montana AshMy Rating:
Title: Custodian by Montana Ash
Published by Paladin Publishing on 20 January, 2018
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance
No. of Pages: 284

Max has finally found everything she never dared dream of; family, friends, and love with a man who does terrifying things to her independence. She has more to lose than ever before. With lines being drawn in the sand and sides being chosen, the future from her nightmares seems set in motion. Max is terrified – feeling the weight of her Order’s lives on her shoulders. But she’s also resolute, because she’s calling do-over on their entire society!
Ryker had been a miserable bastard for years before Max stumbled into his life and turned his whole world upside down. Months ago, she arrived and offered him everything he swore he would never want or need. Now there was no question; he was blissfully whipped. But who would have thought that winning Max’s heart wasn’t the real fight?
With the rot at the centre of their society uncovered and the hidden threat identified, Max and Ryker must unite all – wardens, paladins, rangers, and chades – if they are to defeat their common enemy.
But hey, with a Goddess on their side, how hard can it be?

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Montana Ash was one of the attending authors at RARE19 in London. I wanted to finish this series before meeting her. Unfortunately, I read too slowly. 😉 However, she was funny and kind and I’ve now got lots of signed books. 🙂


I only write full detailed reviews for the books I receive from authors, publishers and PR organiser (ARCs). The rest of my book reviews are in a mini format like this.

So, what did I think about Custodian?

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An Epic Climactic Addition To This Addictive Series.

Once again the story in this installment knocked my socks off; I devoured it!

I’m already a fan of Montana Ash’s writing style; the pace she sets her plots and the balance she creates in her gripping stories between heartfelt emotion, action and humour. I love that the characters she has created in the Elemental Paladins world are complex souls that exhibit all the traits that I crave; intelligence, camaraderie, humour and a predisposition to love unconditionally even when they are damaged and flawed by their life experiences.

As I have already mentioned, Custodian brought out a myriad of emotions; fear, fury, yummy tingles and yes, I did bawl my eyes out (no, I won’t tell you how often or when so stop asking) but I also smiled and chuckled out loud plenty of times too, usually at the banter between the members of Max’s rather unique Order. 😉

Custodian is the fifth book in this series and doesn’t centre around a specific romance like the previous books, instead it brings the background story arc into the spotlight. It’s a truly fantastic book and I can’t wait to read what happens next in the penultimate book – Revolution.

Content Warning:

This book has sexual scenes, violence, colourful vocabulary and expletives throughout the story. Therefore, I’d only recommend it to adults who are not offended by content of this sort.

I’d recommend Custodian to adults who love stories about kickass heroines. Passionate adult paranormal romances with story-lines about the bonds of true friendship, over-coming insurmountable odds and fighting for what’s right despite the costs.

Elemental Paladins Series by Montana Ash

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my mini review for Custodian. I hope I’ve sparked your interest, not only in this book but in Montana Ash too.

Bye for now,

Flora x

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