Mini-Review: Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case (Nocturne Falls Mystery: Jayne Frost #1) by Kristen Painter

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Hello Fellow Book Lovers. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case by Kristen Painter. The first book in her cosy paranormal mystery series, Jayne Frost.

What’s Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case about?

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Mini-Review: Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case (Nocturne Falls Mystery: Jayne Frost #1) by Kristen PainterMy Rating:
Title: Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case by Kristen Painter
Series: Jayne Frost #1
on 1 July, 2017
Narrator: Hollis McCarthy
Length: 8 hours 8 minutes
No. of Pages: 324

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year.
Jayne Frost is a lot of things. Winter elf, Jack Frost’s daughter, Santa Claus’s niece, heir to the Winter Throne and now…private investigator. Sort of.
Needing someone he can trust, her father sends her undercover to Nocturne Falls to find out why employees at the Santa’s Workshop toy store are going missing.
Doing that requires getting to know the town, which leads to interesting encounters with a sexy vampire, an old flame, and an elevator that’s strictly off-limits. The more Jayne finds out, the more questions she has, but the answers lead her deeper into danger.
Will her magic save her? Or will she come up cold?

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Review Format: Audiobook
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Sometimes, when I read a book I don’t write a full review, I just write a paragraph or two to publish on Amazon and Goodreads; especially if it’s a book with thousands of reviews already. However, I want to build up my blog to be THE place to go to for paranormal romance fans. Therefore, I’m now copying those smaller reviews onto my blog.

What did I think about Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case?

A Great Start to this Cosy Paranormal Mystery Series.

Kristen Painter is fast becoming a favourite author. I love her writing style and find her stories very easy to read.

I can’t wait to read more of Kristen’s books.

There were lots of aspects of this book I loved. Including the characters that Kristen’s created for her fictional town of Nocturne Falls and that this new series is set there too. I enjoyed the mystery element of the plot in this book. The twists and turns that we were taken on, the many clues and red herrings that we found along the way.

I had guessed the big secret before it was revealed. However, I still found myself gripped, keen to keep reading.

I downloaded the Audible version of this book and was impressed with Hollis McCarthy’s performance. The pace of her narration was just right and I enjoyed her slight vocal variances for the dialogue of the different characters too.

There’s absolutely no offensive content within these pages – language, violence or sex. Therefore, I can recommend it to lovers of charming, paranormal mystery tales who enjoy a sprinkling of humour and a bit of romance with a happy ever after ending.

Keep reading to find out more about this cosy mystery series and its author.

Nocturne Falls Mystery: Jayne Frost by Kristen Painter

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year.

Jayne Frost is a lot of things. Winter elf, Jack Frost’s daughter, Santa Claus’s niece, heir to the Winter Throne and now…private investigator. Sort of.

A spin-off cosy mystery series from Kristen’s Nocturne Falls novels. This series can be read separately or enjoyed alongside the original.

Books in the Series

  • Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case (Jayne Frost #1) (2016)
  • Miss Frost Ices The Imp (Jayne Frost #2) (2016)
  • Miss Frost Saves The Sandman (Jayne Frost #3) (2016)
  • Miss Frost Cracks A Caper (Jayne Frost #4) (2017)
  • When Birdie Babysat Spider (Jayne Frost #4.5) (2017)
  • Miss Frost Braves The Blizzard (Jayne Frost #5) (2018)
  • Miss Frost Chills The Cheater (Jayne Frost #6) (2018)
  • Miss Frost Says I Do (Jayne Frost #7) (2019)

Buy the Jayne Frost series in print, eBook or audiobook.

Amazon UK ¦ Amazon US ¦ Audible

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About Kristen Painter

Author - Kristen Painter

Kristen Painter likes to balance her obsessions with shoes and cats by making the lives of her characters miserable and surprising her readers with interesting twists. She currently writes award-winning paranormal romance and cozy mysteries. The former college English teacher can often be found on Twitter, Facebook (where she loves to interact with readers) and her blog.

She's also the co-founder of the award-winning writer’s site

Kristen lives in FL with her retired Air Force husband and a horde of feline dependents.

About Hollis McCarthy

Narrator - Hollis McCarthy

A Midwesterner with a science background who likes to fight with swords, Hollis is now based in New York City and acts nationwide in theatre, film, television, audiobooks, and voice-overs.

Since winning the 2014 ACX/Audible/Audiofile Magazine Narration Contest, she's recorded 103 audiobooks, with more titles coming soon.  She also plays softball, can throw a spiral with a football, and was a National Merit Scholar.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my mini-review of Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case. Now go add this fun cosy paranormal mystery to your TBR pile. 😉

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You can find Kristen Painter on my favourite authors’ page. Check out the other amazing authors I love too.

Bye for now,

Flora x

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