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Mini Review: Possessed by a Dark Warrior (Eternal Mates #9) by Felicity Heaton #2020AudiobookChallenge

audiobook Possessed by a Dark Warrior by Felicity Heaton - Narrator Eric G Dove

Hello Avid Readers. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about Possessed by a Dark Warrior by Felicity Heaton. Book 9 in her bestselling adult paranormal series, Eternal Mates.

As you may remember, this year I’ve signed up to the Audiobook Challenge 2020. I’ve reread this story numerous times but have only listened to the audio version this year!

Last year, I decided that mini reviews were the way forward for this particular book blogger. Consequently I only write full detailed reviews for the books I receive from authors, publishers and PR organiser (ARCs).

So, on with my thoughts about…

Possessed by a Dark Warrior (Eternal Mates #9) by Felicity Heaton Narrated by Eric G Dove

audiobook Possessed by a Dark Warrior by Felicity Heaton Narrator Eric G Dove

A powerful warrior and commander of the dark elf legions, Bleu is a loyal and devoted male, and one who has never failed in anything—except one thing. Love. When an elusive female dragon shifter surfaces in Hell again, giving him a mission to hurl himself into, he gladly returns to his hunt for her and the deadly blade she stole from his prince seven centuries ago, but as he closes in on his prey, fate reveals she is far more than his enemy.

Having escaped from the black market arena and her life as a slave, Taryn sets her sights back on the task she began seven hundred years ago when her brother stole a precious sword, but in the three centuries she’s been a captive, everything has changed. Corrupted by a craving for power, her brother has become dangerously obsessed with finding the blade and using it to claim the ultimate treasure—the position of King of Hell.

Faced with having to end her beloved twin to stop him from bringing all of Hell to its knees before him, will Taryn be strong enough to use the very blade he seeks against him? And when Bleu finally catches his elusive prey, will he listen to his head as it demands he complete his mission or his heart as it demands he claim his eternal mate?

A Fiery Tale of Trust, Betrayal and Love.

You never know when re-reading a beloved story if you’re still going to feel the same way. I was also a bit nervous because listening to the audiobook, you’re hearing someone else’s intonations and voices instead of the ones you’ve created in your own mind. I shouldn’t have worried!

I’m already a big fan of Ms Heaton’s Eternal Mates series and love her writing style! Her world building is amazing; it is her mix of fantasy and reality that captures my attention right from the start. Her characters are never black or white, good or evil but a complex mix of positive and negative traits and emotions which they either have to embrace or overcome; Bleu and Taryn are no exception. Their historical ‘baggage’ plays a major part in this adventure. It’s shaped them into who they are and how they deal with what life throws at them.

Eric G Dove has narrated other books in this series and I like his performance. The emotions he conveys during the various scenes and the slight changes he makes to his voice for the different characters’ dialogue helps to draw you in further.

My only complaint is, I was already a bit in love with Bleu from previous books. I feel a wee bit heartbroken that he can no longer be mine… 😉

Possessed by a Dark Warrior is a great story that still made me smile, cry and feel all warm & fuzzy inside. With well written erotic thrills, heart pumping fight scenes, breathtaking aeronautic acrobatics and tons of romantic gestures. I’d recommend this book to those who enjoy reading stories about the lengths we go for our siblings. Tales of betrayal, inner strength, forgiveness and of course, soul saving love. 😍 💘 😍

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