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Flora’s Musings Has Been Nominated For: Blogger Recognition Award – I’m so happy.

Hello my Lovelies,

Back in November KB Book Reviews nominated me for a Blogger Recognition Award, I was touched and very flattered, especially as this is the first time my blog’s been nominated for this award. KB (a.k.a KitKat The Book Nerd) only started her blog last year, but I think she’s a fantastic book blogger; she’s very enthusiastic, writes great posts, has an open dialogue with her followers and generously shares blog posts across her social media accounts: go check out her blog! Many thanks for nominating me, KB, and my apologies for taking so long to respond. 😉

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

This award is a way of acknowledging the hard work and talent of other bloggers. Because running a blog is not just sitting down and whacking something out in half an hour. It’s a hell of a lot of hard work, research, promoting, and all kinds of activities which can certainly be fun, but which take a good chunk of time out of your day, too.

I tip my hat to all my fellow bloggers, no matter how many hours are put in, for the work and passion that we put into sharing our work online. You are all awesome.

As the Blogger Recognition Award is voted for by other bloggers, there are a few rules to follow.


  • Once you have been nominated, make a post like this one and thank your nominator with a shout out.
  • In the post, share a short story about how your blog started.
  • Share two pieces of advice to bloggers just starting out.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award as well!

How Did My Blog Start?

I have always loved books; I remember as a child reading anything I could get my hands on and that love of reading has stayed with me all the way into adulthood.

I’m not quite sure how I became a bona fide book reviewer though. I have always waxed lyrical about my favourite reads to my family and friends, hoping to encourage them to read one book or another. I love it when someone reads and enjoys a book that I suggested; it’s quite a thrill. I eventually decided to use my blog, to put pen to paper, as it were, and put my thoughts and suggestions out there.

I actually started blogging on 27th March 2014 with Blogger where you can find 96 posts! Yes, the majority of posts were reviews for books that I’d read (60, in fact) the first being a little collection of sci-fi shorts by William Meike but I also used my blogger space to share other stuff that I’d found around the interest that I found interesting too.

I started sharing my posts here on WordPress to gain a wider audience and take advantage of the superior WordPress editing and was duel posting for three years making the permanent swap away from Blogger on 19th April 2017. I didn’t delete my blog but I don’t post anything on Blogger anymore.

I have been writing book reviews in increasing frequency over the last four years and even wrote a How To post about it  – How Do I Start? – that gives some basic pointers and highlights the questions that I ask myself when I write reviews.

You know me, my preferred genre is paranormal romance and I’m a very emotionally immersive reader; if an author is worth their salt, I already feel as though I’m in the story! Lol! My three favourite authors – Dianne Duvall, Felicity Heaton and Teresa Gabelman. I would love to be a Gifted One and find my own Immortal Guardian to love and cherish forever, or perhaps find my Fated One amongst one of the many paranormal species in Heaton’s Eternal Mates world or work protecting children and find my own vampire hero working as a V.C. Warrior to be my own Protector.

So, What Advice Would I Give To Bloggers Just Starting Out?

I love having a platform to gush about my passion – reading! But it’s not just being able to wax lyrical about books, it’s that I can shout about the genre I love; paranormal romance. My tips?

  • Be honest – Don’t worry about what anyone else will think about your reviews or the books you’re reading – they’re YOUR opinions and your own thoughts. People will appreciate your honestly. If you didn’t like a story, say so! Be true to yourself.
  • Make friends with other bloggers – It’s always good to make friends with other book bloggers – they obviously love reading too and are great to chat to on Twitter, groups or post comments. There are some lovely people out there, some of which could become lifelong friends.
But Be Warned …

While I really love blogging, what I get anxious about is my obsession with Flora’s Musings. 😉 I mean, as I am writing this, it’s a beautiful cold winter’s day outside and I should be taking advantage of it but instead, I’m inside typing away on my laptop, adjusting headings, text and links, creating images and scheduling posts. There should be a warning on blogging – Danger This Hobby Can Be Addictive!

So , now onto my nominations.

Blogging can be a daunting abyss, but I’ve found the book blogging community to be warm, welcoming, supportive and full of amazing people; I could have chosen so many more blogs to nominate but for this award I am limited to a mere fifteen. ;-( I don’t want anyone to feel obliged to participate, if this isn’t your thing, that’s OK, I just wanted you to know how wonderful I think you are and how much your blog means to me.

Here are the 15 bloggers (and a link to their blogs), I haven’t listed them in any particular order but I hope that you will take the time to check out their amazing blogs; they’re really good – I promise. 🙂

My Blogger Recognition Award Nominees are:

And that’s my Blogger Recognition Award post. I had fun thinking back to my reasons for starting on my blogging journey and trying to find the most helpful blogging tips.

I wish I could nominate all the blogs I follow because you all brighten my day and are a real credit to the blogging community.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


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Thank you for nominating me Flora!!! I’ll do it this weekend when things will be quieter 😉 And yes being honest is really important!!!

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