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Friday Finds – Books For The Weekend plus Book Blogger Hop

Hello Avid Readers,

Today is Friday so it’s time for another Friday Finds post. I have found some great reviews around the blogosphere that I want to share with you this week.

I’m enjoying being part of the weekly  Book Blogger Hop meme too, hosted by Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addict, so I’m doing it again today and my answer to this week’s question is at the bottom of this post.

If you are one of my lovely new followers let me just take a moment to explain what my Friday Finds posts are all about. I like to read, my favourite genre is paranormal romance but I’ve also been known to curl up with the odd urban fantasy or paranormal cozy mysteries too. But it’s a big wide literary world out there and I decided back in January that you, my dear followers, might be interested in the reviews about books from other genres to help you find your next favourite book. Ta!Da! My weekly Friday Finds post was born.

Here are some non-paranormal romance books that fellow book bloggers enjoyed reading (in no particular order).

Source: The First Time Lauren Pailing Died by Alyson Rudd from Blissfully Devoted to Fiction

As with so many of the book blogs I follow, the reviews posted from this fellow book-a-holic are far more varied than mine. Her reviews are always intelligent and well written; this books certainly has got an interesting premise and has already received some great reviews.


Wilder Girls by Rory Power from Do You Dog-ear?

Lindsi really loves to read and it comes across in the way she writes her posts. She reads most genres and even posts reviews about comics. I really enjoy that her personality comes shining through in her reviews. Although Lindsi admits that Wilder Girls made her skin crawl, she cites the editor’s note at the beginning “Dig deep, though, and this novel is a brilliant feminist twist on Lord of the Flies,” which she agrees as although she can vaguely remember Lord of Flies from school, this book made the story come rushing back.


Review: LOCK EVERY DOOR by Riley Sager from The Bookish Libra

Suzanne is a proofreader by day, book blogger by night and a devourer of books 24/7. She loves reading most genres; contemporary and historical, adult and YA, and has confessed to also enjoying more and more fantasy lately. Her hobbies include: buying and hoarding of books, rambling about books to anyone who will listen and trying to recommend books to her family and friends.


SECRET BETRAYAL – C.B. CLARK from Paranormal Romance Guild

Yes OK, I know I said no paranormal romance but the Paranormal Romance Guild are a group who actually read other genres too, so shush and let me continue. 😉 Each review has a different feel as the guild has so many reviewers on staff.


And my final review this week…

Scooter Nation by A.B. Funkhauser from Literary Titan

If you don’t know, Literary Titan are a group of discerning reviewers that seem to find independent published works in every genre. Their blog has over 3,000 followers alone! This title warranted a 5 star review – not something that happens very often.


So, that’s my picks for this week. I hope you find a moment or two to click at least one of these reviews yourself – who knows you may just find your next favourite author!

Now on to the Book Blogger Hop meme which is hosted by Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addict. A question is posted each week, you answer the question and visit others blogs to see what their answers are. Easy!

So this week’s question is:

If you were to write your own autobiography, what would the title be? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

I have no idea really but I found this over on Facebook that made me chuckle. My YA title would be Chemistry, Fate and Other Things That Nearly Killed Me which sound fabulous so I’ll stick with that. What would your book title be?

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post. I hope you have a good weekend and manage to read (or listen to) a great story.

Happy Reading!




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Lol! That’s funny! I just looked at mine and it’s so stupid that it would not make a good autobiography title for myself! I’d have to change my name!

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