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Guest Post: The Segonian (Aldebarian Alliance #2) by Dianne Duvall #BlogTour

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Hello, sci-fi fans. Today, I’m hosting best-selling author, Dianne Duvall on the blog. She’s one of my favourite authors and has written a fabulous guest post. The Segonian is the second book in her new sci-fi series, Aldebarian Alliance

I’m excited to be a part of the blog tour for The Segonian. You’ll find purchase links, book information and an author bio as well as the links to the very generous giveaway that’s being hosted during the tour.

So my lovelies, first let me share with you The Segonian …

What’s The Segonian about?

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Guest Post: The Segonian (Aldebarian Alliance #2) by Dianne Duvall #BlogTourTitle: The Segonian by Dianne Duvall
Series: Aldebarian Alliance #2
Published by Self-Published on 19 January, 2021
Genres: Sci-Fi & Futuristic, Paranormal Romance (PNR)
Narrator: Kirsten Potter
Length: 12 hours 31 minutes

New York Times bestselling author Dianne Duvall brings readers the second stand-alone novel in a thrilling new sci-fi romance series full of action, humor, and happily-ever-afters.

Eliana's life has never been what one might term ordinary. At least, it hasn't been for a very long time. As a powerful Immortal Guardian, she spends her nights hunting and slaying psychotic vampires that most of humanity doesn't even realize exist. Then an opportunity arises that instantly makes her extraordinary existence seem downright boring. The leader of the Immortal Guardians asks her to guard a group of mortals who are embarking upon a voyage across the galaxy to the planet Lasara. How could she possibly say no?

In no time at all, Eliana is hurtling through space on board a Lasaran battleship and getting to know not one but two alien races. It's the most exciting adventure of her long life... until the ship is unexpectedly attacked. Amid the chaos and destruction that follow, she valiantly helps everyone she can before an explosion renders her unconscious. When Eliana awakens, she finds herself alone, floating in space, clad only in a spacesuit, with no ship in sight. Alone--that is--except for the warm, deep voice that carries over the comm in her helmet.

Commander Dagon and the crew of the Segonian battleship Ranasura respond to a distress call from their Lasaran allies and join a massive Alliance-wide search-and-rescue mission. He quickly achieves communication with a lone Earthling female and races toward her. Every time they speak, his fascination with her grows and he becomes more desperate to reach her before her oxygen supply runs out. Her strength, bravery, and humor entice him, even more so when she defies all odds and they meet in person.

As he and Eliana embark upon a quest to find her missing friends, a bond swiftly grows between them that deepens with every laugh and smile and tender touch they share. But they are not the only ones searching for Earthling survivors. When Eliana herself becomes the hunted and their enemies begin to close in, can the two of them fight their way to victory, or will their enemies take everything?

Review Format: Audiobook, eBook
Purchase Links: Books2Read - Universal eBook Link ¦ Audible*

Keep reading to find out more about Dianne herself, read her guest post and find out about the Aldebarian Alliance series. Don’t forget about the Giveaway!

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As this is a post about her new book, who would Dianne cast in a movie version of The Segonian? Read her guest post to find out.

The Segonian Dream Cast

Hello!  Thank you for joining us. I’m happy to be here today, celebrating the release of THE SEGONIAN, the second stand-alone novel in my exciting new Aldebarian Alliance series. If you like action scenes that will keep you flipping pages well past your bedtime, strong heroines, strong heroes who LOVE strong heroines, fun secondary characters, and laugh out loud moments in your sci-fi and paranormal romance, then I hope you’ll give Eliana and Dagon’s story a read.

Before I began writing full-time, I used to work in the local independent film industry. And as I helped directors cast their feature films, short films, and music videos, I often imagined casting my own projects . . . namely film versions of my books. So today I thought I would share the Dream Cast I’ve concocted for THE SEGONIAN:  

Sebastian Stan as Dagon and Zoey Deutch as Eliana

(Hero and Heroine of THE SEGONIAN)

Michael Fassbender as Taelon and Kristen Stewart as Lisa

Alexander Skarsgard as Adaos and Dwayne Johnson as Maarev

Liam Hemsworth as Liden and Taylor Kitsch as Janwar

Henry Cavill as Seth and Idris Elba as David

What do you think? I admit this really makes me want to see THE SEGONIAN on the big screen. 😉 

Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?

Thanks, Dianne, that’s a great list! I’m not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart; the characters I’ve seen her playing kinda feel the same to me. But I can’t think of anyone who I’d want to be Lisa. Leave it with me. 😉

Keep reading to find out more about the Aldebarian Alliance series and Dianne Duvall. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Aldebarian Alliance series by Dianne Duvall

The Aldebarian Alliance is a thrilling new sci-fi series full of action, intrigue, humour, and romance. It’s a spin-off of Dianne’s Immortal Guardians Series. Although, you don’t have to read it to enjoy this series. if you have read the Immortal Guardians books you’ll see a few familiar faces.

Books in the Series

I’m not a card-carrying sci-fi fan but this series has captured my imagination. Click on the titles below to read my reviews, or buy your own copy:

Print* ¦ eBook* ¦ Audiobook*

Keep reading to find out more about Dianne Duvall. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

About Dianne Duvall

Author image of Dianne Duvall

Dianne Duvall is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Immortal Guardians series, the Aldebarian Alliance series and The Gifted Ones series.

Dianne loves all things creative. When she isn’t writing, Dianne is active in the independent film industry and has even appeared on-screen, crawling out of a moonlit grave and wielding a machete like some of the vampires she creates in her books.

Tour-Wide Giveaway:

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To celebrate the release of The Segonian Dianne is giving away several Amazon Gift Cards to readers. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter Form linked below. Follow along with the Blog Tour daily for more chances to win.

Good luck!

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Blog Tour Schedule:

Just before I go, the tour is still ongoing until 25th January and Dianne is visiting other bloggers and sharing more of her secrets. I’ve posted the rest of the schedule below if want to follow the tour.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Dianne’s guest post. The Segonian would look stellar on your bookshelf! 😉

Dianne Duvall is one of my auto-buy authors. Before you go, check out why.

Bye for now,

Flora x

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(18) Comments

  1. Cherie says:

    Loved this book. Like the suggested actors too.

    1. Flora says:

      The Segonian is definitely going to be one I re-read again and again!

  2. Cherie says:

    Fun to think of actors to play the characters!

    1. Flora says:

      Yes it is, Cherie.

  3. Linda Townsend says:

    I’m also not a huge fan of Kristen’s. But, that wouldn’t keep me from seeing it on screen! LOVE the rest of your choices!

    1. Flora says:

      Oh, definitely not, Linda! Lol!

  4. Love your choices!! Henry needs to be a bit taller for Seth though. Lol

    1. Flora says:

      Is anyone actually tall enough? Lol!

  5. Rachael says:

    Love it!! Thanks for sharing ♥️

    1. Flora says:

      Thanks, Rachael

  6. Marisela Zuniga says:

    I like the cast you picked, this sounds great

    1. Flora says:

      Hi Marisela, this is Dianne’s dream cast but I certainly do agree with most of her choices. Thanks for popping by.

  7. Melissa S. says:

    Zoey is AMAZING in The Umbrella Academy! Kristen Stewart is bad ass in Snow White and the Huntsman! Alexander is swoon worthy in True Blood (i could name so many others, but that series is fitting), Idris Elba is just lovely at everything, Dwayne is a perfect fit for Maarev, and I’m not sure who Taylor is but I’m off to explore now!
    Super dreamy cast!

    1. Flora says:

      ooh yes, don’t get me started on True Blood, I’ll drool all over my keyboard!

  8. Misty Williamson says:

    Love this! Really brings the characters to life. Great choices for the big screen.

    I know most people don’t like Kristen Stewart but in Charlie’s Angels she actually smiles. Didn’t think she did that lol

    1. Flora says:

      I know, Misty, I almost didn’t recognise her! Lol!

  9. Love this! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I hope that your readers enjoyed this glimpse into THE SEGONIAN – out now. Happy reading! <3 ~ Crystal @ Author's Taproom

    1. Flora says:

      Thanks Crystal.

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