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Hello, my lovelies. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts about Gypsy Magic by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain read by Kelley Huston. The first audiobook in their new paranormal series, Poppy’s Potions.

What’s Gypsy Magic about?

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Gypsy Magic (Poppy’s Potions #1) by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain #PWFMy Rating:
Title: Gypsy Magic by H.P. Mallory, J.R. Rain
Series: Poppy's Potions #1,
on 23 June 2021
Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Women, Fantasy, Fiction, Ghost, Later in Life, Mystery, Paranormal, Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF), Shifters, Supernatural, Urban, Vampires, Witchcraft
Narrator: Kelley Huston
Length: 6 hours 12 minutes
No. of Pages: 330

Welcome to Haven Hollow, a town of monsters…

After dating a string of losers and banishing a poltergeist, I packed up my Los Angeles life and my eleven-year-old son and moved… to a town in Oregon with a population of 680. Well, 682 now.
Culture shock anyone? Ahem, never mind that… New starts can happen anywhere, right?
I hope so because I need to start the next chapter of my forty-three-year life pronto. So, why Haven Hollow? For one reason—there aren’t any witches here. And a witch can make a gypsy’s life… complicated.

Oh, right, I’ve put the cart before the horse…

Hi, I’m Poppy Morton and I come from a long line of Scottish gypsies—gypsies who possess magic and make potions to treat any and all ailments. It’s been my dream to open my own potions store and I’m finally going to do it—in the picturesque and small town of Haven Hollow.

Once my son, Finn, and I get settled in our two-story ramshackle, decrepit and rickety farmhouse (that happens to be bordering a cemetery), the nightmares start. And they won’t stop. Almost every night, I find myself face to face with a shadow monster—and its victim. And I’m fairly sure it’s the victim sending me the night terrors, wanting me to figure out the mystery of who or what murdered him.

But, I’m not really sure I want to get involved. Between facing a huge remodel of the above mentioned “house,” getting my son situated in his new school, opening my potions store and dealing with one of the ghosts from my last house who somehow thumbed a ride to this one, I’ve got my hands full. Actually, more than full.

Good thing I’ve got a few handsome neighbors to call on—Marty Zach, a self-professed ghost exorcist who just happens to have the sexiest smile, and Roy Osbourne, a bear of a man who looks like he alone coined the word ‘lumberjack.’

While I’m taken by Marty’s charm and Roy’s really-really-really broad shoulders, I can’t help but feel like this whole town is hiding a secret… and that’s the mystery I mostly want to solve, ghost visions be damned.

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Listened To: 4th -12th August 2021

Gypsy Magic is another title in the new reading genre – Paranormal Women’s Fiction or PWF for short.

13 paranormal romanceurban fantasy and paranormal cozy mystery authors teamed up in 2020 to write books where the female protagonists are +40s. As a menopausal woman within spitting distance of the big 5-0, I’m overjoyed at this new genre. I can’t wait to fill my shelves and this blog with them!

What did I think about Gypsy Magic?

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A Fun Story To Start A New Paranormal Series.

I bought Gypsy Magic because it’s part of the new Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) genre. I’m almost 50 and want protagonists closer to my own age. I’ve read books by H.P Mallory and J. R. Rain before and really enjoyed their writing styles.

This story is good, it’s just not what I was expecting.

The main adult characters in Gypsy Magic are supposed to all be in their 40s or older. I like fun-loving personalities, many of the antics in this story made me chuckle. However, I expect adults of my own age to have certain world wisdom. I found our protagonist, Poppy, a very frustrating woman. Each decade we live, we gain knowledge, experience and life skills that affect our thoughts, actions and general worldview. Poppy felt like a teen or a twenty-something instead of a woman of 43.

Kelley Huston is a new-to-me narrator.

Kelley’s narration of this story was OK. I liked the pace at which she read, however, it was lacking emotion. It wasn’t a performance. Gypsy Magic is told from the perspective of our protagonist, Poppy. Was it Kelley’s narrative style that made Poppy sound like a teen or was it down to the authors? I’ll only be able to answer this when I listen to more of Kelley’s work.

Although I soon realised that Gypsy Magic wasn’t going to live up to my expectations, I did generally enjoy it.

There weren’t really any surprises and the plot followed the expected course but it was entertaining. There’s a bit of everything; humour, suspense, tension and frights. There’s even the potential of romance on the horizon. Plus, I loved how many monsters were mentioned (or hinted at) throughout this ghostly adventure.

I’ll probably listen to more of the Poppy’s Potions series at some point. After all, a town full of supernaturals – how can I resist! Lol!

Keep reading to find out more about H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain, but first, let me tell you about this series.

Poppy’s Potions by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain

Poppy’s Potions is part of the Haven Hollow collection. There are currently five series set within the quaint town of Haven Hollow: Poppy’s Potions, Wanda’s Witchery, Hallowed Homes, Spook Society, Remarkable Remedies. Poppy’s Potions and Wanda’s Witchery dovetail one another, and have a specific reading order. However, the other series in Haven Hollow can be read separately.

Books in the Series

  • Gypsy Magic (Poppy’s Potions #1) (2020)
  • Faerie Enchantment (Poppy’s Potions #2) (2021)
  • Love’s Goddess (Poppy’s Potions #3) (2021)
  • Mystic Veil (Poppy’s Potions #4) (expected 2022)

And finally, as promised here’s what you need to know about the authors.

And as this is a review for an audiobook, here’s Kelley’s bio.

About Kelley Huston

Narrator - Kelley Huston

Kelley Huston signed with her first agent at age 15 and has been with them ever since. She has voiced over 1000+ spots. Kelley specializes in voiceover for radio and television commercials, narration, eLearning, explainers, audiobooks, video games, animation, children’s games & apps, on-hold messages, and audio tours.

Kelley legally changed the spelling of her name from “Kelly” to “Kelley” when she was a teen so that her name would look more symmetrical when it was written out.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts about Gypsy Magic. Have you read it? Are there any titles by H.P. Mallory or J.R. Rain on your shelves? Do you have any audiobooks narrated by Kelley Huston? I’d love to chat about your thoughts. Drop me a comment below.

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As I said at the beginning of this post, Gypsy Magic is another book in the new reading genre, Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF). Before you go, visit my PWF page to find out more about this trend-setting genre and what I think about the books I’ve already read.

Bye for now,

Flora x

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  1. WendyW says:

    This series sounds so good. I agree, I don’t expect characters over 40 to act like a teenager, and that’s why I gravitate towards stories with main characters a little bit older.

    1. Yeah, there’s a difference between fun-loving and childish.

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