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Happy Christmas To All My Followers

Hello, my lovelies and Happy Christmas to all my followers. 🎄

I hope your day is a happy one filled with love, laughter, wonderful surprises, magic sparkles and tasty treats.

Happy Christmas To All My Followers

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Thanks for reading Flora’s Musings this year. Whether you’ve been around since the beginning or just started following last week, it’s been a joy to have you reading along. I look forward to many more lovely conversations in 2022!

A little treat to help you relax and settle into the Christmas mood – Lily the Snowman.

Take some time for yourself. Sit down with a cup of tea or glass of mulled wine and watch this beautiful 5-minute animation. It carries such a lovely sentiment, especially poignant for Christmas. I love the memories of childhood it invokes as Lily’s story continues.

I watched it again the other night. It can still bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my lips.

I hope it will give some of you the opportunity to smile too. Possibly, think over the many happy Christmases you’ve had over the years. Plus, just maybe, recapture that childhood excitement and wonder, amidst the seemingly endless stress, commitments and preparations for this festive time of year, and our new virus plagued existence.

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Bye for now,

Flora x

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