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Hello Fellow Book-a-holics,

Since signing up for Audible last year, I have grown to love listening along to the narration when reading a book as I’ve already mentions in numerous reviews. Today, I’d like to share with you some handy tips that fellow blogger, Charlotte, posted on her site to listen to books without breaking the bank.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.


This week for Top Ten Tuesday over at the Artsy Reader Girl it’s an Audio Freebie (Any audio goes: audiobooks, music, podcasts, you name it.)  I have decided to share with you my favourite ways of getting audiobooks for nothing, without defrauding authors and voice actors and breaking the law.   I got as far as seven with all the other sources that I found not being strictly legal or just linking to Librivox and not providing any new information.

2.5_roundbutton-libby-9.6_1024-300x3001  Overdrive using your Library Card

I love libraries, and this is one way to get audiobooks.  Anyway, you can use Overdrive online with your library card, they have a couple of apps on google play.  I use the one called Libby .  The variety of audiobooks available depend on your library.


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borrowbox2  Borrowbox using your Library Card

This is similar to Overdrive as you use your library card to log on but it has the added advantage that you can download drm free mp3 audiobooks which you can listen to on whatever device you choose.   Ohh and btw did you know that you may be able to get a library card from more than one library.  I hold library cards for Devon libraries, Cornwall libraries and Plymouth, all legitimately.

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“Free public domain audiobooks Read by volunteers from around the world.”

It does what it says on the tin, but there is a very annoying repeated message at the beginning and end of every file.  Personally, it drives me bonkers enough that I don’t use this one much but it is a valuable service.

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audible4 Audible Trial

If you haven’t already used it you can get up to three free audiobooks from Audible and I cancelled it just before the trial was over and never paid a penny.  The quality of their audiobooks has been very good so its probably worth keeping it on.


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lit2go5 Lit2go

All classic public domain content specialising in children’s literature but without the annoying intro message that you get with Librovox.   It’s not only kids stuff though.  Links lead to iTunes where you can listen to the books as a podcast.


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open culture6 Open Culture

This is merely a vast collection of links but it doesn’t just link to the usual suspects (Librivox etc) but also to Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and iTunes.  It also doesn’t just have public domain audiobooks but works from modern authors like Neil Gaiman, all legal and above board.  Some are excerpts, some are streaming only but it is a wonderful resource.

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soundcloud7 Soundcloud 

They are not that easy to find and don’t order correctly sometimes but there are quite a few complete audiobooks on here.  The most notable being the Big Read’s Moby Dick read by a wide variety of celebrities including Tilda Swinton, Neil Tennant and even ex PM David Cameron.   Do note though that the majority of audiobook offerings are excerpts and not a full book.

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Ok so that is my seven ways of getting free audiobooks, legally.  Do you know any others, if so I would love to know so please leave a comment.

Don’t forget to check out her blog for yourself.

Source: Seven Ways to Get Free Audiobooks Without Breaking The Law. – Charlotte Burt’s Books

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