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Hello, my lovelies. Today, I want to talk about how to make money from your blog. What secrets have I found out about this tempting side-hustle?

My email spam box and the net, in general, are full of helpful articles to allow me to make money from my blog.

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I’ve got to put my hand up and confess that, yes, I was taken in. I thought to myself if I could make lots of money I could reduce my hours at work or I could afford to buy any book I wanted without waiting for it to go on sale or wait for the much-appreciated vouchers for my birthday, Xmas, Easter, Mother’s Day…

… However …

It’s not easy, it’s not simple and I think it’s rubbish! *stamps her feet in frustration!*

I have signed up for a few, book-related, affiliate programmes.

Currently, I am part of Amazon both UK and US, The Book Depository, Foyles Book Shop and Waterstones affiliate programmes. I haven’t earned a single penny from the Amazon links I’ve posted and had to re-apply to be a part of the programme earlier this year. It probably doesn’t help my cause that most of the books I read are free or really cheap. 😉

I want to share the following post from a fellow blogger, Beth, who manages to hit the proverbial nail-on-the-head with her amazingly insightful and rather tongue-in-cheek post. I’ve copied and pasted the whole thing as well as a link to her blog BooksNest.

How I made 0p from blogging in my first three years


0p made in blogging

You may have seen various posts about the blogosphere about earning thousands of pounds from blogging and being CRAZY RICH because of it. Well friends, today I’m here to tell you about my success story, how I made 0p from blogging in my first three years.

You may be used to a £20,000 total after 3 weeks of blogging, but no, you read right, 0p in three years.  I’m aware this is quite impressive and you’re probably all dying to hear my secrets, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

(I’m pointing out that in the more recent months, past my 3-year mark, I have been able to earn a small sum from my blogging. This post is a comical take on the real struggles of trying to monetise your site. I have only received very random opportunities recently because I have been lucky enough to have been found via social media. Blogging is hard and making money from it is even harder, I wanted to offer some light relief from the posts telling you how to earn thousands on your blog… which just isn’t realistic for most blogs)

Tip 1

So tip number one: create a really nice looking blog. If you work hard to create a blog that pleases the eye and makes sense to look at, then you’re onto a winner. Brands will see your site as professional and well thought out, they will take you seriously. Once you have your blog looking at pretty, you can move onto step number two.

Tip 2

Step two involves posting regularly and posting interesting content. Of course, you’re going to need to put time into your blog to see results. Sometimes hours and hours of work will finally help you reach the zero p total that I am proud to be at today. If you aren’t selling your first child to fuel your blog… are you really trying at all?

Tip 3

Use those ADs! Google AdSense is an amazing platform that allows you to add adverts to your site and every time someone clicks on one you get some cash. Great right? Except… no one clicks on them and you end up making about 1p a day… that you can’t withdraw until your total reaches £60. If I keep going at this average I’ll be able to write a ‘how to make £60 blogging in about 15 years’.

Tip 4

Get those affiliate links rolling in! If you aren’t trying to sell something CONSTANTLY to the readers of your blog… are you really wanting to succeed? The secret to affiliate links is not to select carefully the ones that suit you and what you care about, but to sign up for them all and push them in every blog post. This is the secret to success!

Tip 5

ENJOY blogging. Because, guys, if taken nothing from this post, let it be that blogging is super fun and it isn’t about the money. Book blogging especially is quite a niche and it can be super hard to make money from it, we can’t be expected to be earning thousands or even hundreds from it. I find if I’m to get any income at all, it’s generally because I’m advertising something for a brand on my social media rather than my blog.

Just one more confirmation that this blog post is a sarcastic take on making money from blogging. Yes, it is possible, and I have been able to do it only recently as I’ve grown my following more on social media. But those posts that make it look like a walk in the park to score a paid opportunity, they LIE! Take it easy, enjoy blogging and create content you feel passionate about. If you keep doing that, then you’ll be just fine!

0p in blogging

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I hope this made you smile and chuckle as much as I did. I’ve found quite a few eye-opening posts on Beth’s blog and suggest you check it out.

Here’s the direct link: How I made 0p from blogging in my first three years | Blog | BooksNest

Bye for now,

Flora x

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I gave up on affiliates, the little I made wasn’t worth the hassle of creating links, and then having to update those links when the bookstores changed companies or whatever. I can’t run ads either because I use free hosting.

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